Saturday, March 19, 2016

Give me Chocolate!

After reviewing the Salted Caramel palette, I just couldn't resist trying out the I Heart Chocolate palette. This is supposed to be a dupe for the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced. Packaging is a rectangle with a semi-melted chocolate bar palette on top, and is almost a dark chocolate colour. It's really quite sturdy packaging for the price as well and has a really good mirror on the inside. Each eyeshadow also has a name which I love, so much easier to refer to. This palette has 16 eyeshadows with 6 eyeshadows being matte and 10 of the eyeshadows are shimmery.
This palette also has a faint chocolate smell with a slight cheap perfume smell to it. The Salted Caramel palette had a really nice scent to it, whereas this one is just..weird. I'm just glad it's not a strong scent! It's composed mainly of warm toned eyeshadows, but there are a few cool toned shadows to it. All of the eyeshadows are really smooth and silky to the touch and swatch quite well.
(L-R: You Need Love, Piece Me Together, Thank Friday, More!, Pleasure Girl, Chocolate Love, You Need More)
You Need Love is a matte, cool-toned eyeshadow and is a pale beige eyeshadow with a bit of a white tone to it. It's also not very pigmented and needed 3 layers for the colour to show up on my skin. It's a really good colour for under the brown bone, although I've also used this for all over the lid.
Piece Me Together is a matte with glitter. It's a dark, olive with a dark brown tone to it. It swatched as matte with glitter on top of it and the glitter is a copper. It was quite opaque as I got the true colour pretty much on first swatch.
Thank Friday is a matte and is a medium peach brown with a cool undertone to it. This is such a good colour as a transition shade and reminds me of a darker version of peach smoothie. It is really, really pigmented!
More! is a shimmer and is a warm-toned, rose gold eyeshadow. This is perfection. It doesn't look like much in the pan, but it really surprised me. Very opaque and has gold shimmer.
Pleasure Girl is a matte eyeshadow and has a warm undertone to it. It's a medium toned brown with a purple tone to it. It's a really mauve shade. It did need 2 swipes to get it looking that opaque.
Smooth Criminal is a shimmer and is a medium-dark, coppery-bronze shade. It has really good color pay off.
Chocolate Love is a shimmer and is a warm-toned, dark gold eyeshadow. It's quite pigmented and looks better swatched than in the pan.
You Need More is a shimmer and is a nice chocolate brown with a very prominent red undertone to it. It's also a warm toned eyeshadow and was really pigmented.
(L-R: One More Piece, Love Tom, Stolen Chocolate, Meet Chocolate, Unforgivable, Love Divine, What a Way To Go, Endorphins Ready!)
One More Piece is a matte, cool toned shadow and is a yellow toned brown. This has some subtle red-yellow undertones to it. This is probably my least favourite eyeshadow of the lot. It was really patchy to swatch, and needed 5 (yes, 5) swatches to get it looking as opaque as it is.
Love Tom is a shimmer and the shimmer is bronze with chunky glitters which kind of fall off a few seconds after applying it. It's a burgundy eyeshadow with more of a darker purple undertone to it than red. It's very pigmented and doesn't seem to have fall out except for those chunky glitters.
Stolen Chocolate is a matte and is a very dark chocolate brown eyeshadow. This was really opaque and had a bit of fall out when swatching it. It has slight yellow undertones to it.
Meet Chocolate is a matte and is a cool toned, light pink eyeshadow. This also wasn't very pigmented and needed 3 swipes to get it to show up on my skin. It's really got a white tone to it, and isn't one of my favourites. I have no idea how to wear this eyeshadow if I'm honest.
Unforgivable is a shimmer and is a cool toned blue-purple eyeshadow. It's a dark violet with pink shimmer to it. It needed to 2 swipes.
Love Divine is a shimmer, and is a warm-toned medium-dark brown. It's got a very prominent red tone to it and was quite pigmented.
What a Way To Go is a shimmer and is a berry purple with a reddish tone to it and was really opaque to swatch.
Endorphins Ready! is a shimmer and is a white gold eyeshadow with a slight pink tinge to it. It had a gritty texture to it and just seemed the only one with the kind of texture. It has a metallic finish to it, and would look really nice even as a cheekbone highlighter.

My favourite eyeshadows out of this entire palette are Thank Friday and Pleasure Girl. The ones I've been using on a day to day basis are You Need Love, Thank Friday, Pleasure Girl and More! They're really easy to work with and super blendable. I don't know how it compares to the Too Faced palette, but I think this palette is worth it, especially considering the price!