Monday, February 29, 2016

The Salted Caramel Sinner

Makeup Revolution's sister brand came out with dupes of the Too Faced Chocolate palette range. This particular palette is the Salted Caramel and is meant to be a straight out dupe of the Semi Sweet palette by Too Faced. The packaging is quite sturdy and has a nice weight to it; it doesn't feel flimsy at all. It contains 16 eyeshadows with 7 of the eyeshadows being matte, 8 are shimmer and one is a glitter eyeshadow. The packaging is really cute, with a darker brown packaging and then a caramel coloured bar on top which is'melted'. It also has a mirror and comes with a duo ended sponge applicator which I threw away. I have no idea why palettes still include sponge applicators as barely anyone would use just seems like such a waste. 
One of the best things about this is the smell. It smells like a caramel chocolate bar and I could smell it right out of the cardboard packaging and a lot more when I got it out of the packaging. The smell isn't offensive (at least to me!) and each individual eyeshadow when swatched actually had the smell.  All the eyeshadows save for Cake have a very smooth and silky texture to them and the majority are quite blendable. Some of the eyeshadows weren't that highly pigmented and needed to be layered over a few times. The palette costs £7.99. 
(L-R: Delicious, Tempt, Choc, Cake, Perfect, Salted, Candy, Caramel)
Delicious is a matte and is your typical neutral pale shade. This is my favourite colour for an eyeshadow which sounds pretty boring but it works so well under the brow bone, all over the lid (whether it's to set your eyeshadow base or to have it as an actual eyeshadow) or as a transition shade. Since I'm so pale, I can also actually get away with setting my under eye concealer with this. It isn't the most pigmented.
Tempt is a matte and is a black eyeshadow. To get it to be as pigmented as it is in the swatch I needed to go over it a few times. Not the most pigmented and not that impressed by it if I'm honest.
Choc is a matte eyeshadow with a hint of tiny gold shimmer. It's a mid brown with a warm undertone. I love that it has the slightest orange to it and I love using this just above my crease or on my lower lash line. It's quite pigmented and very blendable. Overall it's a good all rounder eyeshadow.
Cake is a glitter eyeshadow and it is a pale pink with a purple undertone to it. This has to be my least favourite eyeshadow as it really needed to be built up to get it show that much. It's meant to be layered on top of an eyeshadow rather than using on it's own, but I wish it was just that bit more pigmented.
Perfect is a matte and is a gray toned medium brown. I love this as it's really pigmented  and is cool toned. Just like Choc this is also a good all rounder and is one of my favourite shades in the palette.
Salted is a shimmer and it is a cool toned brown with a very slight purple undertone to it. It's a perfect taupe shade and it is such an amazing colour to put all over your lids.
Candy is a matte and is a yellow toned brown. Even with the yellow tone to it, it's more of a cool eyeshadow. I think this would be nice as a transition shade.
Caramel is a shimmer and is a gold copper. Not the most pigmented shade out of the lot, but it's buildable and really blendable as well. This type of amber coloured eyeshadow would make any eye colour pop.
(L-R: Heavenly, Drizzle, Enjoy, Crunch, Sweet, Fudge, Spoon, Yum!)
Heavenly is a matte and is a cool toned muted peach colour. This is just one of my favourite eyeshadow colours. It works really as a transitional shade, an all over the lid eyeshadow and even to use to blend out the edges of your eyeshadow. Really pigmented even though it doesn't show up that well on my hand. 
Drizzle is a matte and is a mid-toned brown. It's a warm eyeshadow with very prominent yellow-ish undertones. It is pigmented but to get it to show up as it does in the swatches I had to go over it twice. 
Enjoy is a shimmer and is a beautiful dark brown with a black tone to it. This isn't the most blendable shade as whilst you're blending it out it fades away which is a bit of a disappointment. It would need building up as you go along blending it out. 
Crunch is a shimmer and is the blue eyeshadow. It has a purple sheen to it but also a green undertone to it. Definitely different to most blue eyeshadows that I own. Quite pigmented and easy to blend out.
Sweet is a matte and is a bright, mid-toned orange. It pretty much looks like a bright caramel and has a slight brown to it. It has really nice pigmentation and it is easy to blend. 
Fudge is a shimmer and it's a bronze with gold shimmer to it. It's cool toned and has a slight hint of a gray to it. The colour pay off for this was really nice and I really like using this as an all over the lid shade. 
Spoon is a shimmer and is a pink based copper with gold shimmer. It's a warm toned eyeshadow and would look pretty much amazing with any eye colour despite the pink tone to it. Really love this, and I would use this right in the middle of my lids. 
Yum! is a shimmer and is a pale gold with a peach tone to it. It's not that pigmented and needed quite a few layers to get it to look as pigmented as it does. This would work well as an inner corner eyeshadow or even as a face highlight.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Focus on me

MAC's recent collaboration with Ariana Grande for their Viva Glam charity project got me very, very interested! At first I thought this lipstick was going to be black (and who doesn't want a black MAC lipstick??), but then someone pointed out to me that it wasn't and was a dark plum. I was a bit disappointed but then I thought, this lipstick is going to be mine any way.
Viva Glam's products are always lipsticks and lipglasses, and the entire RRP goes towards the MAC Aids Fund. SO if you want to treat yourself to a new lipstick, you can do so without any guilt whatsoever. Think about it this way, your money is going to a charity so the lipstick is just an extra bonus!
I only bought the lipstick because I'm just not a gloss girl, even if it is absolutely gorgeous. I tried the lipglass in the store, by itself and layered on the lipstick and it was just beautiful. It's a sheer lipgloss with a hint of pink to it with pink and gold shimmer. The only reason I didn't get it is I just know I wouldn't wear it for more than an'll end up annoying me and I'd wipe it off.
SO, Viva Glam Ariana Grande is a matte lipstick and is a very deep, dark plum with a cool undertone. I would even go as far to say that it's a black plum colour, it's that dark. That pretty much meant that my heart was singing because I LOVE dark lipsticks. Even though it's a matte it has a semi-matte finish and felt incredibly moisturizing. I feel like this is more of a satin than a matte. This colour would suit ALL skin tones (whether you're very pale, or have very dark skin), it just would suit you. It did not feel drying on the lips at all and I wore it for 4+ hours. My lips are also quite dry (at least most of the time), so it's pretty much amazing for a matte formula to not dry out my lips.
The pigmentation was nice, but to get the true colour of the lipstick you needed to layer it on, so I would say it has a semi-opaque finish. It was a little bit difficult to apply as it made the edges a bit jagged. I feel like it would be best to apply the other edges at least with a lip brush, or blend out the edges with a lip brush. It was also a little bit streaky on me as I have dry lips, but nothing that was obvious or noticeable (the only time I realized it was a little bit streaky was when taking the close up pictures and when I looked closely in the mirror). It also clings to dry patches so make sure to scrub your lips before hand.
Another thing I noticed was as time went on, it settled into the lines of my lips, but a good pat on them quickly sorted it out. This roughly lasted about 4 hours on me, before needing re-application. I also felt a lot more comfortable removing it completely instead of re-applying it.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cause this is my game

Dress: Miss Selfridge | Earrings: ASOS | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Peacocks 
This isn't a dress I would usually go for, it's of midi length and has a high neck. I thought a midi dress on my petite frame would make me look a lot shorter than I am, but it actually made me look taller! I tried this on at Miss Selfridge and ended up buying it when the sales came a few days later. There was another black midi dress that I wanted but it wasn't in stock when I went during the sales. I never thought I'd suit a midi dress but I'm trying to go for things that I wouldn't usually go for and see if I like them, otherwise I'll end up in a style rut which I really don't want.
I was actually planning on having the high neck removed, but since I've been seeing this type of style around lately, I thought I'd try it out. It didn't bother me as much as I thought it would as it isn't too tight around my neck, and as long as I didn't keep thinking about the fact that I have something very near to my neck, I was fine. The reason I say this is when I was younger I couldn't stand polo necks at all, and I used to have panic attacks. Now, I really want a polo neck to just at least try out!
I find myself trying to go for styles that are a little bit more grown up, rather than going for the usual skater style. I think it's also because I'm no longer in school so I feel a lot more comfortable going for different fits since I can wear them both at work and during my own free time. This dress I can actually imagine myself wearing with either really high heels, flats, trainers (YAS!!) and even court heels like these.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Aspire to Inspire

I'm sure you've all heard by now about the Carli Bybel palette! It's a collab between BH Cosmetics and Carli Bybel and the internet went crazy for this particular colab. I thought it was limited edition, but the palette is nearly always in stock and it's so nice that this palette is probably going to be available to anyone who would like it. It's only $12.50 which for 10 shadows and 4 large highlighters is pretty much a bargain. Most people were actually worried about the shipping price, especially if you're international but the shipping only cost me $6.50 and took about 2 weeks to arrive. It is also a cruelty free palette so no animals were harmed!
So first let's talk about the packaging. I'm so used to owning palettes with black packaging and the only palette that I've got with white packaging is the MUA Undressed Me Too (Review here.) and it is really dirty now since I use it so much. The Carli Bybel palette has white packaging with a quilted cushion on the cover along with her signature and the BH Cosmetics logo. The inside of the palette has stripes which let me just say, is a total win right there. It has cardboard packaging and it's really lightweight but it still feels quite sturdy. The lid closes with a magnet so that once you close the palette it's actually closed. It also has a good sized mirror on the inside, and because the packaging isn't matte it will also make it really easy to clean. Nothing worse than a dirty palette!
There are a total of 4 matte eyeshadows and the rest are shimmer. I'm really into matte shadows, especially for transition and above the crease shades. It just ties the whole thing together in my opinion. There are no names for the eyeshadows so I can't specify the name for a particular eyeshadow. This palette is quite autumn like which seeing as Carli Bybel really likes her warm, plum and copper shades, it feels like her palette and something she would own and use. I feel like this palette can work well for every skin tone whether you're really pale like me, or whether you've got a really dark skin tone. There are shades here for everyone. 
(L-R: Neutral, Rose Gold, Brown Mauve, Champagne, Gold, Brown)
Neutral is a matte eyeshadow and this shade is one of my absolute favourites. I love using these to apply all over my lid, under the brown bone and to blend out the edges of an eyeshadow. It really matches my skin tone well. This was quite powdery but it didn't leave any fall out and it also blends quite well.
Rose Gold is a shimmer eyeshadow and this is one of those eyeshadows I feel everybody should have in their collection. It's a light rose gold eyeshadow with gold shimmer through it and is a cool toned eyeshadow. This is really pigmented and a little on a flat shader brush goes a really long way.
Brown Mauve is a matte eyeshadow and it's one that I would mainly use as a transition shade. It also has a slight undertone of a purple which goes really well with so many eye colours. On other reviews that I've seen this is more of a pink-purple than a brown. I love using this on my lower lash line as well. It's not as pigmented as the other eyeshadows, but it's still pigmented and more importantly, it's not patchy!
Champagne is a shimmer eyeshadow and this is a gold with a pink undertone to it. I feel like this is another rose gold eyeshadow, except it leans more towards the gold side.
Gold is a shimmer eyeshadow and it's a true gold eyeshadow.
Brown is a shimmer eyeshadow and it's got a copper undertone to it with gold shimmer. This also applies as if it's a wet eyeshadow, it's that pigmented. It also gave me a tiny bit of fall out.
(L-R: Gray Mauve, Burgundy, Copper, Taupe)
Gray Mauve is a matte eyeshadow and it's a pink-purple with a gray undertone. This really reminds me of Makeup Geek's Unexpected except it's just a tiny bit darker. This would be such a nice transition colour, or as a really good blending colour. I would use this in other ways but I think that's one of the best ways to use it.
Burgundy is a semi-matte eyeshadow and it's a reddish burgundy. It has only the slightest shimmer and the shimmer is gold. This also remind's me of Makeup Geek's Bitten, except the one in the Carli Bybel palette has the slightest purple undertone to it, whilst Bitten has more of a red tone to it.
Copper is a shimmer eyeshadow and it is an orange copper. This has some really nice gold shimmer going through it, and I can see myself using this as in a sandwich smokey eye look, or even as an all over the lid shade.
Taupe is a shimmer eyeshadow and it is a taupe which is a gray based brown and it is one of my favourite colours. It also some gold shimmer in it and leans more towards a warm tone. Paired with the copper shade or any other shade this would look pretty much amazing!

(L-R: White Gold, Rose Gold, Pink Copper, Bronze)

White Gold is a very pale pink gold and this would look really nice on someone with my skin tone. To be completely honest I haven't used this as a cheek highlight yet, but I've used this in my inner corner and I really like it.
Rose Gold is a shimmer with golden pink tone to it. It has a very light gold shimmer going through it and this is the only highlight I've really tested out and worn. The one thing I don't like about this is that it really emphasizes your pores. It's such a nice highlight though that I can just ignore the pore problem.
Pink Copper would be a really great highlight for medium to dark skin tones. I can't see this working on me even when I have a tan. But I would actually like to try this out as an eyeshadow. I really like the colour of this and the light gold shimmer in it. It would actually look nice on its own as an all over the lid shade. 
Bronze is a straight up shimmery shade. In her video, Carli Bybel said you could use this as a bronzer, but there is no way that this could be used as a bronzer. It has way too much shimmer. But, this would be such a good highlight for someone with a very dark skin tone. If not, you can just as well use it as an eyeshadow which is what I'm going to do. 

If you ever wanted highlight on fleek, you definitely have to try out the highlighters from this palette! The highlighters aren't as pigmented as the eyeshadows, but they give you such a nice strong highlight, that I'm actually glad they're not as pigmented.

I named the eyeshadows myself, so that I could refer to a particular shade easily, so don't think that these are actual names. All of the eyeshadows and highlighters are really pigmented, and incredibly smooth. The only thing is that most of the eyeshadows and highlighters are quite powdery so dipping your brush or even your finger in them will leave so much powder all over. It's the only annoying thing about thing about it to be honest! But, I don't really get that much fall out whenever I'm using them on my eye/face so that's what really matters. The other great thing about this palette is that all the colours are really versatile, especially with the highlighters. If you can't use them as a highlighter, you could easily use them for your eyeshadow.

I think this palette is a total win, and congratulations to Carli Bybel for creating such an amazing and versatile palette. It's also really nice that she went for an inexpensive palette and created something which has a lot of her signature eyeshadow colours.