Sunday, February 21, 2016

Focus on me

MAC's recent collaboration with Ariana Grande for their Viva Glam charity project got me very, very interested! At first I thought this lipstick was going to be black (and who doesn't want a black MAC lipstick??), but then someone pointed out to me that it wasn't and was a dark plum. I was a bit disappointed but then I thought, this lipstick is going to be mine any way.
Viva Glam's products are always lipsticks and lipglasses, and the entire RRP goes towards the MAC Aids Fund. SO if you want to treat yourself to a new lipstick, you can do so without any guilt whatsoever. Think about it this way, your money is going to a charity so the lipstick is just an extra bonus!
I only bought the lipstick because I'm just not a gloss girl, even if it is absolutely gorgeous. I tried the lipglass in the store, by itself and layered on the lipstick and it was just beautiful. It's a sheer lipgloss with a hint of pink to it with pink and gold shimmer. The only reason I didn't get it is I just know I wouldn't wear it for more than an'll end up annoying me and I'd wipe it off.
SO, Viva Glam Ariana Grande is a matte lipstick and is a very deep, dark plum with a cool undertone. I would even go as far to say that it's a black plum colour, it's that dark. That pretty much meant that my heart was singing because I LOVE dark lipsticks. Even though it's a matte it has a semi-matte finish and felt incredibly moisturizing. I feel like this is more of a satin than a matte. This colour would suit ALL skin tones (whether you're very pale, or have very dark skin), it just would suit you. It did not feel drying on the lips at all and I wore it for 4+ hours. My lips are also quite dry (at least most of the time), so it's pretty much amazing for a matte formula to not dry out my lips.
The pigmentation was nice, but to get the true colour of the lipstick you needed to layer it on, so I would say it has a semi-opaque finish. It was a little bit difficult to apply as it made the edges a bit jagged. I feel like it would be best to apply the other edges at least with a lip brush, or blend out the edges with a lip brush. It was also a little bit streaky on me as I have dry lips, but nothing that was obvious or noticeable (the only time I realized it was a little bit streaky was when taking the close up pictures and when I looked closely in the mirror). It also clings to dry patches so make sure to scrub your lips before hand.
Another thing I noticed was as time went on, it settled into the lines of my lips, but a good pat on them quickly sorted it out. This roughly lasted about 4 hours on me, before needing re-application. I also felt a lot more comfortable removing it completely instead of re-applying it.