Sunday, January 17, 2016

Who you really are

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Before anything, I cut my hair. I cut my hair really short compared to what it was, and I have less than half of what I had before. I used to love my long hair, I used to love brushing it, leaving it down, looking at it etc. You know how it is when you love your hairstyle. Well in the past year (since about December 2014), I started hinting that I think it's time to get my hair cut short. I hinted it to my hairdresser (who was used to me asking her to barely cut anything off), to my mum and to my boyfriend. Save for my hairdresser who just asked me to think about it carefully, my boyfriend and my mum were a bit against the idea. Reason being that I had an epic meltdown when my hairdresser cut my hair by about 5 inches in 2014, I was not prepared for it at all. Long story short, I liked my hair long then and I did not want my hair cut like that.
But, I kept eyeing up shorter hairstyles and hinting it at some point or another that this would look nice etc. In December I had an appointment to trim my hair, and I found the hairstyle that I wanted (which is the one I now have) and I was like right, now is the time. Went to the hairdresser, had it cut and I was in LOVE. My hair grew by about 2 inches in 2 weeks so I made another appointment and we cut it just a bit shorter than the length I have now. I absolutely love it. I had very long hair for 9 years, and it was really time for a change. When you're no longer in love with your hair, that's when you know you need a change.
The second change that I had is that after a year and a half I got my braces removed. For once in my life I've got very straight teeth, no gaps and no one commenting about my teeth!! I've got a retainer that I need to wear a little bit more than I already do because a small gap is sometimes appearing in my front teeth. Spoke to my orthodontist about it and he said that I need to wear it a lot more than I do now for at least a year.
Third change, I have a car!! I've never had a car before, so I'm pretty excited. And that's about it when it comes to changes.


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January 17, 2016 at 3:39 PM delete

Omg this was me last year. I had been wearing my hear at butt length since forever then last year I was over it and got my hair cut till just past my shoulders. Omg it felt awesome and it's so much healthier since.

Reb Mintoff
January 17, 2016 at 5:31 PM delete

Mine was really healthy, but the length of it just got to me at the end. I wasn't in love with my own hair anymore. It always took so much time, to wash it, for it to dry (I air-dry my hair), just to even get it in a pony tail!
But now I'm pretty happy with it!

January 17, 2016 at 8:19 PM delete

Sooooo wierd seeing you with 'short' hair! I've gotten so used to it being long over the last 12ish years! I feel like I ought to cut mine soon! Shona x