Sunday, January 24, 2016


Catrice MATTraction | In A Rose Garden
Mattraction had been on my wishlist for quite sometime, but In A Rose Garden was a bit of an impulse buy. If you've been reading my blog for quite sometime or know me in real life you know that the lipsticks I usually go for are a variety of reds and pinks. These days I'm looking for similar shades to Brave by MAC as well as my usual reds and pinks. Both these colours I'm reviewing today are from the Ultimate Colour range.
In A Rose Garden is a creamy lipstick with a bit of a gloss finish. It's quite pigmented and with one lipstick application you get the full opacity. The colour is a mid-tone rose-beige with a pink undertone to it. This actually feels like quite a moisturizing lipstick, so if you suffer from dry lips like me, then this won't emphasize the dry parts. It just looks quite nice. So, the downside to this lipstick is the fact that it's really creamy. It'll transfer on anything, so the lipstick starts wearing off easily and after a few hours (especially if you've eaten or had anything to drink) you'll find that there's little product left on your lips.
Top: Catrice In a Rosegarden, Bottom: MAC Brave
I actually thought that it was a bit similar to MAC Brave, and it is in colour. In A Rose Garden is just a few shades too dark and has more of a brown undertone than Brave.
MATTraction is a semi-matte lipstick and it feels quite nice on the lips. I've rarely found matte lipsticks to be drying on my lips and my lips are quite dry! Like In A Rose Garden, this gives you full opacity with one swipe. It also goes on very smoothly. This is a cool toned red with the slightest hint of pink to it. MATTraction also has a slight blue tone to it which is the best kind of red for my skin tone. This lasts for quite a few hours even with eating and drinking but it will transfer a bit. You'll still have quite a bit of colour on your lips, just a slight fade around the middle parts of your lips so I'd say you'd need a re-application after eating! But other than that it does last quite nicely.