Sunday, December 27, 2015

Secret Garden

Remember my previous Makeup Geek post? Well now I have 10 more eyeshadows, and that means my 28 eyeshadow palette that I bought from ebay is officially full, and I think I'll end up having at least 2 more palettes full as time goes on!
I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows, they're pigmented and most of the eyeshadows are buttery smooth. The other reason why I love this brand is because there is a huge variety of products ranging from neutrals to colourful. Some eyeshadows are in pan form, and then there are pigments (which I haven't tried but really want to try!). I mainly got a lot of matte eyeshadows as that's what I'm really into, although I still like my shimmery eyeshadows.
[L-R: Secret Garden, Mai Tai, Goddess, Roulette, Cocoa Bear]
Secret Garden is one of the latest duo chromes released in September. I would describe this as a dark teal colour with a burgundy-purple warm undertone. This needed to be built up as at first all I was getting was the burgundy colour and then as I built it up, the green tone came out a lot more. The swatch on my hand does not do it justice. The green is a lot more brighter and prominent and as you move your hand the burgundy colour comes through. It did needed building up, so pigmentation is a 6/10 for me. 
Mai Tai is another duo chrome that has been released in September. This is what I would say is a peach-apricot colour and it's got orange-pink reflects. On the Makeup Geek website it says that it's an "apricot pink with orchid reflects" and I think that's quite accurate! It's quite powdery and it does leave a bit of a fall out. It's a bit more pigmented than Secret Garden, but still needs building up. This is a colour that would be great for what I would call a sandwich smoke, an all over the lid colour, inner corner highlight or just all over the lower lash line. Absolutely beautiful!
Goddess did not look like much in the pan, but I changed my mind after swatching it. This is such a beautiful muted copper shade, I couldn't even believe. It's meant to be a shimmer, but there was barely any shimmer to it. I would say this is more of a semi-matte eyeshadow. Full pigmentation with one swipe. I know that copper is meant to be more on the burnt orange side, but this has more of a pink tone to it. Colours like these actually make blue and green eyes pop, and this is one of those eyeshadows thare a must have Autumn.
Roulette is a reddish copper eyeshadow with a pink undertone to it and is a full blown shimmer. The pink undertone is more of a rose gold. I had a hard time trying to describe the colour, but the way I described it I think sums it up. On the Makeup Geek website it says that it's a "rosy, burnt sienna with a silky shimmer finish". If I said any of the previous eyeshadows were pigmented, this is a 100% more pigmented than of any of them. This applies as if I had just wet my brush. Really really opaque and is such a smooth eyeshadow. 
Cocoa Bear is a matte eyeshadow and seems to be a reddish-brown colour in the pan. One of the reasons that I really wanted this is because Jaclyn Hill uses this eyeshadow all the time in her tutorials especially in her outer corner and into the crease. It's a warm toned eyeshadow which I don't typically learn towards, but seeing as Jaclyn Hill uses this so much I wanted to try it out. I would say this is more of a muted orange-brown colour rather than a reddish-brown. Overall it is a really nice shade, and would go really well with a lot of my eyeshadows. 
[L-R: Vanilla Bean, Barcelona Beach, Cupcake, Wisteria, Pop Culture]
Vanilla Bean is as neutral as neutral gets. I have a shade similar to this in my Makeup Academy Undressed Me Too palette and I have used it all up. I've never used an eyeshadow all up before, so when I saw this colour and saw how similar it was, I knew I had to get it. It's actually a shimmery eyeshadow  and it is a light beige. This is a great eyeshadow to apply under your browbone, to use all over your lid, or my favourite way, to blend out the edges of your eyeshadow.
Barcelona Beach is a mid-toned brown with the slightest gray tone to it and it is a cool toned eyeshadow. I would say that this is a matte, with the slightest shimmer to it. This is a gorgeous shade to use in the crease and above the crease, at least that's how I'm mainly planning to use it! This can be used to give depth to your look by using it as a transition shade as well. Just a perfect all rounder eyeshadow, same as Vanilla Bean.
Cupcake is a matte medium pink and is a cool toned shadow. It also has a beige-red undertone to it, but it's more of a neutral undertone. Really weird but accurate description for it. I don't normally go for pink eyeshadows, but seeing how this swatched I knew it would go really well my eye colour and would be such a above the crease shade. I wanted this mainly as a transition colour, but I can see myself using this easily with purples, browns, golds (including coppery shades) even blues and's just an overall well rounder. 
Wisteria is a matte pale purple with a cool blue undertone. This is the reformulated version, as it got changed as of 2015. It's a lavender shade, and it is beautifully matte. I can see myself using this as a transition colour, in the inner corner, all over the lid, and I think this would go really well with Cupcake. It's also really pigmented and a bit neon. It didn't pick up very well on the camera, but it is actually a bit neon.
Pop Culture is a shimmer eyeshadow that is a darker lavendar purple with a prominent blue tone to it. It's iridescent, quite vibrant and cool toned which I really like. I'm not exactly sure how I would use this if I'm honest, but I think it would look quite nice with some blue eyeshadows, as a inner part of the lid colour or even as a lower lash line colour. It's also really pigmented!
And this is my final full palette. The palette is from e-bay and it isn't magnetic. It has space for 28 eyeshadows which is officially how much I've got now! Let me know if there are any colours that you would recommend x

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I wanna see you be Brave

 : MAC - Brave
I've been on the hunt for an everyday lipstick that I can wear to work or just about anywhere. I want something which was a my lips but better lipstick that would last a long time and would be flattering with my pale skin. See, my lipstick collection is mostly made up of a large variety of reds or blue toned pinks. I don't really go for anything too natural, and the only light colours I have are quite nude and not what I was looking for.
One of the rumoured Kylie Jenner lipsticks from MAC was Brave, and on Pinterest I kept seeing it all over the place! Since MAC is now open in Malta (meaning my faveeee lipstick brand was now available to me whenever), I decided to pop on over there and attempt to get Brave. It was but there were only 2 left so I was pretty much lucky. The best lip liner said to go with this is MAC Soar lip liner which I'll be getting some day very soon. Enough rambling, review time!
MAC's packaging is amazing, it's minimalistic, and extremely stylish (at least in my eyes..) All lipsticks by MAC smell like vanilla which is my favourite scent hands down. I actually keep all my lipsticks in their original box, and keep my MAC lipsticks separate from all my other lippies. MAC is my favourite lipstick brand girls, it really is.
So Brave is a satin lipstick meaning that it's somewhat of a semi-matte, is really pigmented and lasts for hours. The fact that it's semi-matte means that isn't drying. It's actually quite easy to apply and pretty much glides on. Currently my lips are really dry and peeling. No matter how much I try to scrub my lips, they're still like this. Brave doesn't accentuate my dry lips, it actually makes them look quite moisturized.
It's so opaque that with one swipe you pretty much get full pigmentation. I have really pigmented lips and it actually covers my natural lip colour quite well. I have to say though, this does transfer quite a bit (so if you're having a cuppa, be prepared to find lipstick all over the mug), but I wear this 6 hours + at a time and it's still there by the time I get round to removing it hours later.
Colour wise, this is a pinky brown shade. Not a completely classic 90's brown colour, but almost there which is exactly what I wanted. Twig on the other hand is definitely a 100% 90's which is why I'm probably getting that as my next's either Twig or Sin..or both! I think this has neutral undertones so it will pretty much suit any skin tone, including people with very pale skin such as mine. On darker skintones this will probably come off more as a nudey pink than a natural lip colour but would still look pretty nice.
MAC lipsticks (locally) retail for €19, and in the UK it's about £15.50. I remember a couple of years ago these were £14.50 and before that about £12.50. The prices have rised that's true, but I say this to everyone who asks. MAC lipstick quality is impeccable. I have a variety of lipsticks from different lipstick brands and nothing compares to my MAC lipsticks.

I think this is a lipstick that belongs in anyone's collection not because it's one of the Kylie Jenner lipsticks but because this is the perfect my lips shade.