Saturday, September 19, 2015

When we go shopping

I haven't ordered anything from anywhere in a couple of months which is a little crazy for me. I love shopping, I love browsing for clothes online and I love placing orders and waiting for my packages to arrive. Having no job for a while made me very self conscious about money so I tried to avoid buying anything. Now that I do have a full time job (YAAAAS), I can feel free to shop once again. First place I bought things from? New Look. This is an entire New Look haul and I am hoping to very soon place an order at H&M and on ASOS so keep an eye out for that. As always, links will be provided underneath each image!
I actually ordered the white version of the plain vest but unfortunately now it's out of stock. I got the plain vests just to go underneath jumpers and such in the Autumn/Winter time. I love layered outfits so hopefully I'll be layering my clothes up a bit more this coming Winter. Although I've got quite a few stripe-y tops in my wardrobe, I really couldn't resist this ribbed one, best part? Still in stock!