Thursday, March 19, 2015

Back to Black

Jacket: H&M | Skirt: Tally Weijl | Top: H&M | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Necklace: New Look
In quite sometime, I had a relaxing Sunday. A little bit free of the everyday worries such as school, and something a bit more personal. Free of having to constantly be doing something and just taking the time to hang out with my boyfriend doing nothing more than just relaxing together. It's probably been over a month since I actually relaxed this much.
I was thinking about wearing monochrome; this top paired with a white, fitted bodycon skirt, but because I had to wear tights (it's still cold) the skirt didn't look half as good as it would have without tights. So I just went for an all black outfit. Because, well why not? When I was a lot younger, I barely had any colour in my wardrobe, I was all about the full on black outfits. As I grew older, I wanted more colour and less black. It felt good to just wear black all over for once. And if I say so myself, it looked pretty good. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Get my geek on

18 Make Up Geek Eyeshadows. That is what I officially own. I have been wanting to own some of Make Up Geek's Eyeshadows for quite a while, probably well over 2 years now. But I had never, ever created a complete wishlist of eyeshadows that I wanted from her. So this Summer, when I kept hearing quite a few youtubers talking about her new blushes, and a few of them then made another video talking about their favourite Make Up Geek eyeshadows, I thought that I just HAD to finally make that wishlist. On Pinterest, I had also pinned quite a few eyeshadow look that used Make Up Geek's eyeshadows, so I knew I had to add those to my wishlist. So I did, and asides the 18 that I now own, I have 38 more eyeshadows by Make Up Geek on my wishlist. Yeah, I really went for that Wishlist!

I wanted to swatch these the second my boyfriend gave them to me for our Anniversary, but I was like.. remember the blog. Even though it was ridiculously tempting! But finally, I got round to photographing them in natural light and was able to swatch them and review them. Just so I don't repeat myself for all of these eyeshadows, they are ridiculously velvety smooth save for White Lies. They're all very soft to the touch. A lot of people also compare these to the MAC eyeshadows, and even Make Up Geek herself makes some of these eyeshadows as dupes for the MAC eyeshadows. Now one thing, I am not a lover of MAC eyeshadows. All 3 of them that I have, I do not like. So seeing these at a third of the price AND containing more product ( a whole 0.3g extra of product), I thought these would be extremely worth it. The packaging of the pan eyeshadows are the same. I'd say Make Up Geek copied MAC to a tee when it came to the packaging, except she changed the colour of hers. It doesn't really bother me, I just thought I'd point it out. One BIG plus to these eyeshadows is that they are cruelty free. If you're as aware about animal testing and the cruelty and torture that it involves, then you would start to actually care about those kind of products. They are also talc and paraben free.

[L-R: Mocha, Latte, Peach Smoothie, Beaches &Cream, Gold Digger, White Lies]

Mocha is a gorgeous and a warm matte medium brown colour. It has about medium pigmentation to it which means that it will need to be built up in order to get its full pigmentation. I wanted this mainly for the outer corner, and also it's a gorgeous blending colour.

Latte is a matte and cool medium toned brown. It's quite lighter than mocha, but still quite a medium toned brown. I also wanted this as a blending out colour, especially for when I want to do a 60's eyeshadow look. But I think this would also look quite lovely as an all over the lid colour with winged liner and mascara.

Peach Smoothie is a soft matte and light peach colour. I would also describe this as a pinky beige. This particular eyeshadow was extremely hard to photograph, but the swatches of this are quite accurate. It is a gorgeous colour for all over the lid and also a gorgeous blending colour. It's quite pigmented, but it's not that highly pigmented which is just as well since I mainly want this as a blending colour.

Beaches & Cream is a matte peach skin tone kind of eyeshadow. I would say it's a lighter shade than peach smoothie, and just a bit on the yellow side. It is still quite peachy in colour, but more on the yellow based skin tone colour. It is also a bit powdery compared to the rest of the eyeshadows. It's also highly pigmented. I think this would be a great eyeshadow to blend with, or just use it all over your lids.

Gold Digger is a shimmery, true gold eyeshadow. I do have one other gold eyeshadow, but it is not that pigmented and also doesn't have that true gold colour I want. Gold is one of those eyeshadows that can be used in a variety of ways, whether it's all over the lid, in the inner corner, on the lower lash line, patted on top of another colour..just so many ways to wear it. This is also really pigmented and it is exactly what I was looking for in terms of a gold eyeshadow.

White Lies is a matte and powdery eyeshadow. On swatching it, it felt quite chalky in texture. The pigmentation is about medium pigmentation which is one of the reasons I wanted this. I didn't want a stark white colour that would be pigmented on the get go. It's also more on the creamy white colour, rather than just a pure white. I wanted this mainly so I could do cut crease looks with it and just use it as an all over the lid eyeshadow.
[L-R: Cosmopolitan, Mango Tango, Bitten, Burlesque, Sensuous, Drama Queen, Unexpected]

Cosmopolitan is a shimmery and rose gold eyeshadow with golden flecks. It's also more on the peachy side rather than a full on rose gold colour. It's meant to be a dupe for MAC's expensive pink which I've always wanted, but never wanted to get at the same time 'cause of my disappointment with the 3 previous eyeshadows that I had bought. This is extremely pigmented and with one swipe I got full pigmentation. I would love this all over the lid and, as an above the crease colour.

Mango Tango is a matte with just the tiniest hint of shimmer. I would call this a light strawberry pink. I mainly wanted this for an all over the lid colour, and have Mocha and Latte blended out into the crease, above the crease and on the lower lash line with this particular eyeshadow. I will use this for other colour combinations, I think, but for now that's what I have planned out. This has about medium pigmentation, so you would need to pack this on a little bit.

Bitten is a matte and pink based burgundy colour. It's about medium pigmentation, so you would need to pack it on a little bit. I think this would be a good all over the lid colour and crease colour. I'm also now thinking about pairing it with Mango Tango, and have this in the crease. Reddish colours also go really well with blue and green eyes, which is just as well since I actually really like these kind of colours.

Burlesque is a shimmer and is a burgundy shade. It has a hint of copper in it, and is sure to flatter any and every eye colour out there. This, however is one of those shades that you need to use quite lightly. It is so pigmented that if you're not careful will end up going all over the place. That was my mistake on first using it. I had placed it in my outer v, and when I went to blend it, it overtook all the rest of the colours. My recommendation? Use lightly and carefully.

Sensuous is a shimmer and is a beautiful mauve colour with gold shimmer in it. I've already worn it quite a few times and it is so flattering. It's really pigmented and easy to blend. It's probably one of my favourite eyeshadows out of all the ones that I've picked out. I paired this up with Unexpected and Burlesque, as well as with a blue eyeshadow. This is just one of those colours that stands out but also blends in quite nicely.

Drama Queen is a shimmery and black-ish purple colour. It's definitely more purple than black, and has just the tiniest hint of gold flecks in it. This has such a full on pigmentation, my initial reaction was to think, whoa this is such a violent colour. And yes, I mean violent. So dark, such a bruised up colour. Ridiculously beautiful as well. This would be such a good pair with Bitten I think, or even with Cosmopolitan. Definitely the most pigmented out of them all.

Unexpected is a matte and grey-ish mauve colour. It's such a beautiful colour and I have nothing even remotely similar to this in my collection. It's quite pigmented, but I wouldn't say it has a full on pigmentation. This would be such a gorgeous colour whether it's for all over the lid or in the crease. I'm tempted to use this along with Drama Queen or maybe even with White Lies.
[L-R: Envy, Sea Mist, Ocean Breeze, Glass Slipper, Stealth]
Envy is a shimmery eyeshadow and it is more of a black-ish green . I was expecting this to be more of an emerald green more than anything so I'm a bit disappointed with this one. I might have to try this with a white base in order to get it looked a little bit brighter or maybe even a black base. It is really pigmented and I got full pigmentation with one swipe.
Sea Mist is a shimmer and it has a green based blue colour to it. The swatch does this no justice at all as this is such a stand out beautiful colour and I can see myself wearing this all over the lid, or even on my lower lash line. It's also quite pigmented, but doesn't have the full pigimentation that Envy has.
Ocean Breeze is a shimmer and has a navy blue colour to it. But, it has a really nice sheen to it which makes it look nicer than just your average navy blue colour. This is also quite pigmented. I can see myself pairing this with purples, greens. One of the ways that I would really love to wear this is on the lower lash line along with Sea Mist and then have a nice contrasting colour such as a Sensous on the lid.
Glass Slipper is a shimmer and has an icy blue quality to it. It's also quite pigmented and looks a lot brighter in real life than it does on the swatch. If you are scared of trying out blue colours such as this, I would try applying it on the lower lash line just to try it out. Personally, I love colours like this, and I would probably end up pairing it with colours such as Burlesque OR even with Ocean might seem like a lot of blue, but it honestly depends on how you blend them out.
Stealth is a matte, gray blue colour. Considering that it's a matte, it is actually really pigmented which I did not expect at all. This was a bit of a random choice for me, although I did have this in my original wishlist, I never really had a definite plan of what to wear it up with. I think it would be a good outer v colour or even just an all over the lid colour. Since it's matte and is neither really dark or very bright, it would probably work in quite a few ways.
I also store all of these in an e-bay palette. The size of the eyeshadows are about 24mm in diameter, so they fit perfectly in the palette. I did remove those metal pans from the palette, AND you might also need to put some double sided tape so the eyeshadows stick to the bottom. Since it's not a magnetic palette, they're just not going to hold the way they should. But, for less than 5 pounds, I think it's worth it, and it also stores 28 eyeshadows! I've now got an excuse to get 10 more to fit in the palette!
If you've got any recommendations for any other Make Up Geek eyeshadows that I've not mentioned here, please do let me know!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Nightmare comes to life

Top Row: L-R (who's There?, Danger Coming, Lethal, Lawless, The Hunger, I Am Watching You)
Bottom Row: L-R: White Noise, Elm St, Ash
Top Row: L-R: Pretty Zombie, Bump In The Night, Poisonous, Beyond the Night, Wicked, Friday 13th
Bottom Row: L-R: Boo, Depravity, Darkness
When Make up Revolution came out with this palette back in October, I knew immediately that I wanted to have it. It has all my favourite colours in there; purples, blues and greens. It's part of the Salvation Palettes line so like all of them, it has 12 shimmery eyeshadows and 6 matte eyeshadows. The palette also came with a huge mirror, which is a plus for me because I really love the mirrors on most palettes! 
The pigmentation of all eyeshadows is pretty good save for White Noise which I had to swatch quite a few times in order to get it looking that pigmented. The Shimmery eyeshadows are alot more pigmented than the mattes but I kind of expected that as I've experienced this with so many other brands as well. 
Quite a lot of people are also scared of the types of colours that are in here, but they are so workable. Because there's a mixture of brights and darks in here, just this palette could be enough to create a few looks without having to reach for a different eyeshadow palette. You could also create a really pretty smoky look with this. My personal favourite eyeshadows are Lethal, The Hunger and Bump in the Night. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cherry Pie

Sleek have always been featured quite a few times on youtube and various blogs that I've read and I know exactly why. Their products have excellent pay off, beautiful colours and are pretty much affordable and high quality make up. I own just one eyeshadow palette by them which is the Vintage Romance palette (review here).
I also had a bit of a wishlist with the Sleek products which I was thinking about ordering online. But then came the big news that Sleek had arrived in Malta at a shop called Roseberry in Valletta. So when I went to try to do some shopping as you do, I went in there to buy at least one product. And I bought the lipstick 'Cherry'. Let's talk about the packaging; all matte with a really good grip and then the writing is in gloss which I really like. But the lipstick container itself is so tiny which I'm not sure whether I really like it or not.
There are two finishes in the True Color range if I'm not mistaken which is Matte and Sheen. Cherry is a sheen lipstick. Usually when I read the word sheen I think that it's not going to be very pigmented and quite glossy but this is actually quite pigmented and only slightly glossy. The lipstick itself is quite pigmented and stays on for a very long time, in fact it's actually quite hard to remove and it left a bit of a stain on my lips. The colour is a brown-ish red, but more on the dark red side than on the brown. It also isn't drying at all which is good for me because I always have quite dry lips and no matter what lip balm, or scrub I use or the amount of water that I drink, nothing really works.
If you're a fan of vampy lips, I would say go for it. It's really pigmented, lasts a really long time, it's inexpensive and if you're not a fan of the slight gloss you can always blot it out and be left with a matte lip!