Saturday, December 12, 2015

I wanna see you be Brave

 : MAC - Brave
I've been on the hunt for an everyday lipstick that I can wear to work or just about anywhere. I want something which was a my lips but better lipstick that would last a long time and would be flattering with my pale skin. See, my lipstick collection is mostly made up of a large variety of reds or blue toned pinks. I don't really go for anything too natural, and the only light colours I have are quite nude and not what I was looking for.
One of the rumoured Kylie Jenner lipsticks from MAC was Brave, and on Pinterest I kept seeing it all over the place! Since MAC is now open in Malta (meaning my faveeee lipstick brand was now available to me whenever), I decided to pop on over there and attempt to get Brave. It was but there were only 2 left so I was pretty much lucky. The best lip liner said to go with this is MAC Soar lip liner which I'll be getting some day very soon. Enough rambling, review time!
MAC's packaging is amazing, it's minimalistic, and extremely stylish (at least in my eyes..) All lipsticks by MAC smell like vanilla which is my favourite scent hands down. I actually keep all my lipsticks in their original box, and keep my MAC lipsticks separate from all my other lippies. MAC is my favourite lipstick brand girls, it really is.
So Brave is a satin lipstick meaning that it's somewhat of a semi-matte, is really pigmented and lasts for hours. The fact that it's semi-matte means that isn't drying. It's actually quite easy to apply and pretty much glides on. Currently my lips are really dry and peeling. No matter how much I try to scrub my lips, they're still like this. Brave doesn't accentuate my dry lips, it actually makes them look quite moisturized.
It's so opaque that with one swipe you pretty much get full pigmentation. I have really pigmented lips and it actually covers my natural lip colour quite well. I have to say though, this does transfer quite a bit (so if you're having a cuppa, be prepared to find lipstick all over the mug), but I wear this 6 hours + at a time and it's still there by the time I get round to removing it hours later.
Colour wise, this is a pinky brown shade. Not a completely classic 90's brown colour, but almost there which is exactly what I wanted. Twig on the other hand is definitely a 100% 90's which is why I'm probably getting that as my next's either Twig or Sin..or both! I think this has neutral undertones so it will pretty much suit any skin tone, including people with very pale skin such as mine. On darker skintones this will probably come off more as a nudey pink than a natural lip colour but would still look pretty nice.
MAC lipsticks (locally) retail for €19, and in the UK it's about £15.50. I remember a couple of years ago these were £14.50 and before that about £12.50. The prices have rised that's true, but I say this to everyone who asks. MAC lipstick quality is impeccable. I have a variety of lipsticks from different lipstick brands and nothing compares to my MAC lipsticks.

I think this is a lipstick that belongs in anyone's collection not because it's one of the Kylie Jenner lipsticks but because this is the perfect my lips shade.