Sunday, November 15, 2015

Remember to go slow

Top: H&M | Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: Ebay
H&M don't ship to Malta, which is a huge, huge bummer and they also don't ship to PO Boxes. They don't allow you to change your address on the website itself, but use an outdated way of having to send them a letter to request a change of address. Huge hassle in my opinion, and is just about the only thing that sucks about H&M. However!! I found out about a shipping company (Trotters Independent) in Malta that have a house in the UK and you can ship to them and have the products shipped over here. I had a list of H&M products that I wanted, contacted them and got my items within 2 weeks. The only thing is if you don't like something you can't exactly ship it back, but that's a risk I was willing to take. This jumper was just one of the few things that I wanted from H&M, and I love it. It's stripes AND it also has this gorgeous gray bit at the top. How could I not? I do need to have it taken in though as it's a little too wide from the sides.
Then there's the matter of these jeans. I never thought I'd end up being a jeans lover, but the ASOS Sculpt Me Jeans have won me over. The ones that I have are in a Maiden Wash. The fit is really nice, and it doesn't feel slouchy. ASOS also don't have a size 4, 6, 8 etc in their jeans but have jeans according to your waist size and length which is great. Another thing I like about these, is that they are high waisted and have a bit of an elasticity to them. Most bottoms (pants, shorts, jeans etc) leave me with extra material at the waist that then gapes.. I don't know if I'm explaining that right. It just doesn't look great. But these? These are my holy grail jeans, and I love the way they look!


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Lovely outfit! I really like the striped top :) I got some really cute stuff from H&M recently too!