Sunday, October 18, 2015

Icy Fairy

Essence - Icy Fairy | Catrice - Black to the Routes
I follow Essence and Catrice on Instagram and each morning, I always check Instagram. So when Essence posted this particular effect polish over a black nail polish, the effect was quite galaxy-like. In fact they said that it was the easiest galaxy nails ever and I thought, well alright then!
Icy Fairy doesn't look like much in the bottle, but when you actually swatch it and apply it on your nails, that's when the the wow factor comes through. It has different sized glitters in it and quite a bit of shimmer. The best thing about this is because it has a duo chrome based which is blue-purple and this is what gives it that galaxy effect. The different glitter particles give the illusion of different stars.
The polish I've tried this over is Catrice - Black to the Routes. This is the only plain black nail polish that I own and as the Essence Instagram picture featured this topper over a black polish I thought I'd try it over that. I haven't as of yet tried it over other nail polishes, but I think it would still look stunning, just not give the galaxy effect to the full.
Honestly you need to have this. It's not just a I recommend this, no you NEED to have this. Easy galaxy nails? Why not!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Moon and Stars

Top: New Look | Skirt: Missguided | Shoes: Peacocks | Necklace: New Look
The top and necklace are the ones that I featured in my previous haul. I absolutely love this top but there's one issue that I have with it. It's a size 6 and it fits big. Either the clothes are getting bigger in size or I don't know, but I remember thinking to myself that a size 6 is tiny. This one just wasn't. My arms are pretty slim so I don't expect tops to be quite fitted around my arms, but on the other hand I don't expect them to be this baggy either. It just gave the illusion that my arms are a lot bigger than they really are. Also, it was just a tiny bit baggy so it wrinkled up in various places. So maybe it was just this particular top that's like this?
The necklace though is my new love. I've been buying quite a few simple necklaces lately that are easy to wear whether it's for work, casually going out or for the weekends. But this particular necklace is one I'd consider as my everyday necklace. I remember myself always gravitating towards the chunky bold necklaces, and now whilst I do like wearing them, I feel like I want more simpler pieces. It's either me getting older, or just moving on from a trend. I've been wanting a simple necklace that I can just put on without a lot of thought to it, and this moon and stars piece seems to be just the one.