Saturday, August 29, 2015

She's a Rebel

Wet n Wild - Sugar Plum Fairy
L-R MAC, Wet n Wild
L-R MAC, Wet n Wild
L-R MAC, Wet n Wild
I had been reading for ages that Wet n Wild's Sugar Plum is an exact or a very close dupe for MAC's Rebel. Rebel is actually my favourite lipstick of all time because of its colour. Both Sugar Plum Fairy and Rebel are a deep berry hue lipstick. However exact dupe? Not exact, but I would say they're quite close!
Sugar Plum Fairy is around 2 shades darker. Whilst in the same hue range, it's definitely a bit more darker and you can tell in both the hand swatch and the lip swatch. The colours are quite similar though so if you're like me and you love Rebel, I would recommend it just so you won't run out of Rebel any time soon!
Another big difference is the way the two lipsticks swatch. You can definitely tell which one is cheap and which one isn't. Wet n Wild's application is a bit more gritty and patchy looking, whilst the MAC application is so much more smoother and looks like the Satin lipstick it is. The finish of the Wet n Wild lipstick is more of a semi-matte finish, whilst Rebel is more of a Satin.
Wet n Wild has a round lipstick shape, whilst MAC has the traditional lipstick shape which I prefer. Wet n Wild made it a bit harder to apply the lipstick precisely. Both lipsticks left a stain on my lips which I managed to remove with Micellar Water (by Good Things if you were wondering). In terms of longetivity I would say that MAC lasted just a bit longer. Wet n Wild did actually last for quite a few hours without budging, and this is the same thing that I've experience with the other Wet n Wild lipsticks before (See post here, here and here).
Bottom line? Not an exact dupe, but pretty close. Although MAC is more expensive than Wet n Wild I prefer the MAC one because of the way it swatches, that winning vanilla scent and because it's not patchy. I'll still be using Sugar Plum Fairy just to preserve Rebel a little bit!

Turn your face to the stars

Top: New Look | Skirt: Jennyfer | Kimono: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: New Look
I have become one of those people that can sleep all day again. This person had been gone for about roughly 2 years. Mainly because I was working and also because I was always so stressed out. Now a while back I thought, I love being stressed out. But I don't because now I know the feeling of not being stressed out again and it feels so good. I feel calm for the most part and not agitated or nervous or feel horrible for stopping and actually speaking to people. I'm still shy and tend to say odd things that make people look at me like I've grown two heads, but hey! I'm calm, stress-free and enjoying my summer! That is all I care about right now. 
Let's talk about my Kimono style jacket. It is ombre, it has detailed butterfly wings and it is amazing. It's also really light and adds instant oomph to an outfit. Surprisingly enough it actually goes with most colours including mint, lime, pink, and red. Look at it. Keep looking. Now wish you had it in your wardrobe.