Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Make it right

Today I have a review of 5 of the Make Up Revolution Lipsticks. I've been wanting to try out some of the make up revolution products for a while but some of the things I wanted always seemed to be out of stock, especially the lipstick Rebel with Cause. One of the shades is something I've been wanting for a while and it is a green lipstick. Yes, you read that right. A green lipstick. These lipsticks also smell like cake batter to me, yum!
Make it Right - Atomic Shade
This is a blue based purple lipstick, and trust me, you can really see the blue in this. It is a sheer-ish lipstick, not completely sheer but not quite full coverage either. It's also quite easy to apply, and felt quite moisturizing on the lips. If I'm honest, I wish it was full coverage and not sheer. Even though it's a really nice colour, I personally prefer lipsticks that have full on colour.
Serpent - Atomic Shade
Believe it or not, I have been after a green lipstick for a while. This is a blue based dark green and I think this is why I found it super flattering on me. Blue based lipsticks always look quite nice with my skin tone. Like Make it Right, this is also a sheer lipstick, but it's quite buildable. It also doesn't feel that glossy, and I wore it for a good hour without it smudging. When removing this you will have a bit of a stain left that will take a good few minutes to fully remove, but it also proves that it's quite long lasting.

Rebel with Cause - Vamp Shade
This is a purple pink lipstick however it's also got some red undertones to it. It's really quite sheer on swatching it on my hand, but on my lips it was actually quite pigmented...which was just strange but hey, as long as it's pigmented on the lips that's all I care about it. It's also quite glossy at first, but then it starts drying itself out to a semi-matte finish. This was just pure glossiness within the first minute, and after another couple of minutes it just dried itself out.
Reckless - Regular Line
This is my favourite lipstick out of the bunch that I got, hands down. I really like Rebel with Cause but this...this to me is heaven. Beautiful. I'd describe the colour as a glamorous, pin up red. If I had to really describe it, I'd say it's a true raspberry red. It is actually quite pigmented AND it also has a matte finish to it which I love. And the best part? Considering how dry my lips are at the moment, it actually didn't emphasize the dryness or the dry patches. favourite. 
Lady - Regular Line
This is an orangey-red lipstick, and it is my least favourite. These kind of colouring rarely suits me which might make me a little bit sad. I feel like a total clown in this. Having said all that, I do want to try this in Summer when I've got a bit of a tan. It's just really creamy and quite nice to apply. I'd only recommend this if orange toned lipsticks suit you nicely as this is really quite orange. 


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Sarah A
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I really like the last three shades, especially reckless :)

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