Monday, March 2, 2015

Cherry Pie

Sleek have always been featured quite a few times on youtube and various blogs that I've read and I know exactly why. Their products have excellent pay off, beautiful colours and are pretty much affordable and high quality make up. I own just one eyeshadow palette by them which is the Vintage Romance palette (review here).
I also had a bit of a wishlist with the Sleek products which I was thinking about ordering online. But then came the big news that Sleek had arrived in Malta at a shop called Roseberry in Valletta. So when I went to try to do some shopping as you do, I went in there to buy at least one product. And I bought the lipstick 'Cherry'. Let's talk about the packaging; all matte with a really good grip and then the writing is in gloss which I really like. But the lipstick container itself is so tiny which I'm not sure whether I really like it or not.
There are two finishes in the True Color range if I'm not mistaken which is Matte and Sheen. Cherry is a sheen lipstick. Usually when I read the word sheen I think that it's not going to be very pigmented and quite glossy but this is actually quite pigmented and only slightly glossy. The lipstick itself is quite pigmented and stays on for a very long time, in fact it's actually quite hard to remove and it left a bit of a stain on my lips. The colour is a brown-ish red, but more on the dark red side than on the brown. It also isn't drying at all which is good for me because I always have quite dry lips and no matter what lip balm, or scrub I use or the amount of water that I drink, nothing really works.
If you're a fan of vampy lips, I would say go for it. It's really pigmented, lasts a really long time, it's inexpensive and if you're not a fan of the slight gloss you can always blot it out and be left with a matte lip!