Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gold n Roses

ELF Single Eyeshadow - Sunset
I have been wanting this particular eyeshadow by ELF for quite some time. I always told myself I'd order it when I'd order some new concealers from them, so that's what I did. This is the Studio Eyeshadow in Sunset. It's a gorgeous peach-rose gold shade which is pretty appropriate since it is called Sunset. It also has some very fine gold shimmer within it. 
It is really pigmented, with the first swipe of it I pretty much got the full on colour. The texture of the eyeshadow is quite silky and smooth. Having said that, I do think that it needs a primer...I say this because the 2 other studio eyeshadows that I have from ELF need the primer, otherwise the pigmentation goes from really pigmented in the first hour to quite faded in the next.
I'm mainly looking forward to have this as an all over the lid eyeshadow and because of it's peach-rose gold shade, it can be used with a lot of other colours. One way I want to try this is with ELF's Studio Eyeshadow Amethyst blended in the other corner and into the crease.
Catrice - Oh it's Toffeeful
For Christmas, I've started the tradition of filling a stocking for my boyfriend with delicious treats. This year he wanted to do the same for me, but since I very rarely eat sweets I didn't particularly want a stocking full of sweets. So he suggested to give me a stocking with make up. Yes, you read that right!! Oh, it's Toffeeful! is one of the make up items I received in my stocking. I already have quite a few of these eyeshadows by Catrice so to have another addition to my collection was pretty exciting. I'm also not entirely sure whether this is still available as I've read on their site that it is discontinued..
Oh, it's Toffeeful is a pearly medium beige and has about medium pigmentation. Even though it's a pearly eyeshadow, I wouldn't describe this as a full on shimmery eyeshadow. It's more of a satin eyeshadow. This also isn't the most pigmented eyeshadow, but it's quite buildable. I really like this more for all over the lid, or for just the middle of the lid. Again I would suggest applying this over a primer to not only help the colour to stand out, but also to help it last for much longer.
Catrice - Gold n Roses
Another eyeshadow that I've received in my stocking is a liquid metal eyeshadow by Catrice. This is Gold n Roses, which is pretty much an exciting gorgeous colour to me! Gold n Roses is a pale pink champagne colour with just a hint of being slightly on the gold side. In comparison to their usual eyeshadows, these have a wavy pattern to them with a beautiful embossed pattern which I swear was done to emphasize the different colours in each of the eyeshadows. I would say this has about medium pigmentation. It also has a very soft texture even though it's got a few glitter particles in it.
With Catrice eyeshadows I would personally just apply a primer. Whilst the eyeshadows are quite pigmented on first swatching them, that pigmentation quickly fades away without a primer applied to them.