Monday, January 26, 2015

Eyes like Angels

One of the palettes that I really wanted to try out from Makeup Revolution was their Eyes Like Angels palette. This is a 32 eyeshadow palette which differs from their usual 12 eyeshadow palettes. They had another of these 32 eyeshadow palettes called Flawless but it was more neutral based and I wanted to be a bit more adventurous with colour. There's a mixture of bright and more smoky shades and also has a mixture of shimmery and matte shades but if I'm being honest the matte shades were a bit of a disappointment.
The palette is a large, black plastic palette with a large mirror on the lid, which is actually a pretty good mirror. I love it when palettes have mirrors. It also contained a plastic sleeve containing all the eyeshdadow names which I did not expect if I'm being honest! The 32 eyeshadows are laid out in 3 rows, with each row containing 8 eyeshadows. The swatches show the eyeshadows swatched row by row.
(1st row)
(2nd row)
(3rd row)
(4th row)
Most of the shades are actually quite pigmented, save for the matte ones.The least pigmented eyeshadow is the hot pink and the purple in bottom row in the second row. I had to swatch that twice in order to get that much pigmentation. The others are quite pigmented and there's such a range of beautiful colours in there, that I can't wait to use. My favourite of them all is the last row, 1st colour. It is such a beautiful seafoam green and I can't wait to use that in summer!