Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wish us all Goodnight

Jumper: Miss Selfridge | Skirt: H&M | Necklace: New Look | Shoes: New Look
Can I just say, I'm so relieved it's Autumn and the weather in Malta is actually starting to reflect that it's Autumn if only for a little while? So what do I do on a cool day... I wear my new fluffy blue jumper is what I do! It is so soft and cosy but I ended up feeling like a really posh business woman for some reason. I do like that feeling though if I'm honest. AND, this necklace. I bought it on sale from New Look, and I keep wearing it! It's grungy but very pretty at the same time and I can't resist it so I'm currently wearing it with quite a few outfits that I own!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dating Joe Black

Catrice Liquid Liner - 01 Dating Joe Black
I have been liquid eyeliner less for well over 2 months now. I've been going out with just a bit of eyeshadow, mascara and concealer to work and to be completely honest I did not feel like my self. Winged eyeliner is my thing. I had my gel eyeliner from Essence to cover me for the weekends, but it takes way too long to apply at 5:15am in the morning. So I finally went and bought eyeliner. Funnily enough, this was on my Catrice wishlist, but I forgot about it, and whilst I was swatching a total of 7 liquid eyeliners, I thought this one looked best. 
The packaging looks a bit deceiving as it looks as if its a felt tip eyeliner pen. But it isn't. It's actually a regular liquid eyeliner. 
When I look for a liquid eyeliner, I first take a look at the 'wand'. What I've seen when I was having a browse at the liquid eyeliner was that liquid eyeliners generally have a nib, a brush, or a thin plastic thing. I personally prefer a felt tip nib. This eyeliner has one of the most precise felt tip brush I have ever tried in my life. I swatched it on my hand and got a good line, and when I tried it on my eyes when I got home, not only did it line my eyes perfectly, but I got the wings to look equal! It took me less than 2 minutes to apply the liner on both eyes including the wings. It's ridiculously precise.
The second thing I look for in a liquid eyeliner is the pigmentation. I like a really black liquid eyeliner. I don't want it grey-ish, or slightly faded or jagged. With all three of those you need to go over your liner and risk messing it up. The pigmentation of this is amazing. First application of this and you get the full pigmentation. It also dries as a matte black which I personally really like. 
Third thing that I look for is how long it takes to dry. This didn't take long to dry at all. It didn't dry instantly, it took about 15-30 seconds for it to dry completely which is good enough for me. Also, it didn't smear on the rest of my lid whilst I was apply the wing which is NICE. 
This is also available in the waterproof version, but I ended up getting this version as the waterproof didn't have the best pigmentation.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's past is prologue

Playsuit: H&M | Necklace: New Look | Shoes: New Look
I finally feel like I've gained my body confidence back. I used to really not feel comfortable in my own body, I had put on a few kgs of weight on, and because I'm only 5"4, the 3 kgs I had put on had shown very easily. I've since shed those 3 kgs, met my first goal weight, and am almost to meeting up to my second goal weight. I'm not sure it'll be my last goal weight, but we'll see. I started eating more food, and more frequently. I used to skip meals all the time, drank tea up to 12 times a day and even though I exercised, my metabolism had slowed down and whatever I ate, it added in weight. So I actually started eating more and frequently (I always ate healthily) and lost weight that way. 
This playsuit has a chevron print on it, which I love, it's grey, has black detailing and I love it! It's loose fitting too, so it's really nice to wear on a really hot day. I think this could be quite easily dressed up with a black blazer, or a leather jacket for a night out.. especially if you also pair it up with red lipstick.. or any other colour of your liking. We all know I have a penchant for red lipsticks.