Saturday, September 27, 2014

As you want

Rimmel - As You Want Victoria
This is one of the lipsticks that I would tell myself, oh I'll buy it next time.. and then next time never comes. That is until I had to go buy myself some new nail polish bases from Rimmel, saw this lipstick and thought, you're going to be mine. This is from the moisture renew line, and I already had a lipstick from that line which is Nude Delight. The formula has supposedly changed now, so the lipsticks should be a lot more moisturizing than before. 
Before anything, let's talk about the colour. It is a gorgeous berry pink colour. It's almost red, but not quite. Just think of it as a dark berry pink colour that's slightly bright at the same time. Such a weird description, but that's the best I can describe it as!
This lipstick is RIDICULOUSLY creamy and slightly thick. It glides on very smoothly. I kind of think that it is as a plus and a minus. Plus because it definitely won't sink into the lines of your lips or any dry patches that might be there and does feel very moisturizing. Minus because you can very easily make mistakes because of its smoothness and as the day/night goes on it can go all over the place if you're not careful. Overall though, I do really like the fact that it's that creamy and actually quite hydrating. 
The pigmentation of this lipstick is unreal. Usually when you have a lipstick which is creamy, you need to go over the application again to get the full colour. Not this one. The second I swatched it on my hand, I didn't even need to go over it. That was the entire full pigmentation. It took a single swatch to get it to the full pigmentation. 
One of my main worries with this lipstick was that it would go all over the place. So I thought hmm, what if I had to dab my lips on tissue..will the colour go? So I tried it on, and I got this amazing matte lipstick. Still moisturizing, still extremely pigmented. Personally, I think that I will go for this matte look rather than the creamy look, and here's why. Because it is so creamy, there's a HUGE chance that the majority of the lipstick will not stay on your lips, but transfer everywhere else. The matte will give you the same exact colour, but with more staying power and without the risk of having your lips looking like a mess. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The wedding bells

Dress: Love | Shoes: New Look | Earrings: New Look | Necklace: MVintage
On the 14th of August, two of Ismael's best friends got married... when you see people you actually know get married, and not some cousin that you haven't seen in god knows how long, it means a lot more. It's not just a party that you're attending, it's a ceremony celebrating their love and them as a couple. Needless to say I cried.. quite a bit.
The dress was a bit of a daring choice for me, I don't normally go out bra-less, or wear a dress with this much of a low cut, but I fell in love with it, bought it and decided to hell with it.. getting out of my comfort zone. I didn't regret it. This dress is absolutely beautiful, and photographs really well.
The only thing that I wasn't too comfortable with was my hair. Here's why. I wanted a messy french twist, with a bit of a poof and a messy front parting with a few hairs infront of my face..BUT it kind of isn't possible to do with my hair. I have A LOT of hair and it's long. So that makes it quite heavy. My hairdresser tried her best to do it the way I would have liked it, but it just isn't possible. I was pleased with it, it looked lovely and it looked quite posh, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting her to tell me that it wouldn't be possible to have it hold up, but she managed to make it hold up! Pretty damn proud of my hairdresser, let me tell you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to the Basics

For anyone who knows me, I am a list maker. I create lists for just about anything, and I mainly do it to sort out any confusion in my head. Seeing it all written down, makes it more manageable, and there are few things that beat the satisfaction I get when I cross things off lists, especially to buy lists!
The other day, I was thinking about what basics you would need in your wardrobe and started to write a list as you do. Then I sorted it out and added more things to it, and saw that it was, at least in my eyes, perfect.

And that, is what I think should be in your basics wardrobe! If you think that this list is for you, feel free to print it out and use it as a reference. What do you think should be in a basics wardrobe?


Saturday, September 6, 2014

With clothes at the top of my list

As promised on my facebook page I've got a New Look haul to show you. I hadn't been liking New Look that much for probably a little over a year, so to actually find things that I really like and want to buy has been a bit surprising! New Look actually has quite a bit of nice stuff in stock in and I keep having a browse on their website to see if I can find anything new that I want!
Monochrome Diamond Stripe Short Sleeve Jumper
Black and White Stripe Wide V Neck T-Shirt
Black Short Sleeve Slouchy Pocket T-Shirt
Black Burnout Racer Front Vest
White Stripe Racer Vest
Cream Embroidered Lace Insert Shell Top
White Ethnic Bead Embellished Front Vest
I'm hoping to show the white stripe racer vest in an outfit some time very soon.. the material is insanely soft, and even though it's vest top and looks quite casual on the screen, when you wear it with, it looks pretty sleek. The embroidered lace shell top and the white ethnic embellished vest need to be adjusted big time. They're a size 8 and 10 respectively and they fit so BIG. New Look are a bit funny with their sizes, and a size 8 can fit insanely big at times. I got the size 10 because that was the smallest size in stock so I thought, might as well get it and then have it adjusted. Thank goodness for my mama!