Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's DARE to wear

Essence - Dare to Wear
I received one of Essence's matte lipsticks for Christmas. The shade I have is Dare to Wear which is practically the only shade that appealed to me. If you haven't gotten the hint yet from all my previous blogposts, I am a red and pink lipstick addict. I also like plum/purple colours, such as MAC's Rebel lipstick, but other than that.. red and pink.
So first, packaging. I hate the way Essence package their lipsticks. It makes it look cheap, so I never really bought any of their lipsticks save for a limited edition lipstick called Berry me Home [Review here]. But, I love the packaging for the matte lipsticks. It's black, matte and a stripe in the middle of the tube to show the colour of the lipstick! It also feels quite sturdy, and the lid has a satisfying click which kind of reassures you to know it's not going to fall off and smudge your bag, and such. If it does end up doing that, that click would have betrayed me. Gosh I'm rambling.
So one of the reasons I wanted this because I thought it was a red lipstick and it looked hella gorgeous. But, it's more of a blue toned pinkish red. So it's not exactly a red like most reviews have sad it is. It's more of a pinkish red. Does it change my feelings about it now that I know it's not an actual red? No. The colour is gorgeous and I can see myself reaching for it on a regular basis (actually, that's because I have been reaching for it on a regular basis).
Application wise, this is very pigmented. On first swipe you get full opacity which is great. You don't waste product to get it to full opacity and best of all, you don't have to go over on your lips and risking messing everything up. The lipstick bullet does it make it a tiny bit hard to apply the lipstick a 100% accurately, but to be completely honest it isn't too bad to use. It also applies quite glossy at first, but then it sort of dries up an becomes matte. It sounds weird saying it, but it's not weird or disgusting. It sort of sets into a matte finish.
This lipstick also lasts for AGES. I wore it for over 5 hours, eating twice and drinking about 4-5 mugs of tea + water. And 5 hours later I have a stain on my lips. So not only did it not fade away to just an outline, it  left a stain. For a 2 euro something lipstick, this is amazing.
Also, I'm sorry about the lack of outfit posts, I'm quite busy with assignments AGAIN, and I'm basically a hermit, stuck in my own home staring at the computer. But, finished one of them, and another one is about 70% done.. and then another monster awaits. Lawd.