Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When I pull up to the stoplight

Wet n Wild - Stoplight Red 
My photos don't do it justice, and one of the reasons is because my camera does not pick up red colours very well. But my main aim when taking lipstick swatches is to try to get an accurate picture of the colour. This lipstick is a blue-based, cherry red lipstick. It is also said to be a dupe of Mac Russian Red(which is still staying on my wishlist because I use a lot of red lipsticks, so why not another one?) If any of you are looking for a perfect red lipstick, i.e. the classic pin up lipstick then this is the colour for you. It definitely is for me!
It is a very creamy lipstick and feels nice on the lips. It doesnt feel drying. On application, the lipstick went on quite smoothly and accurately despite its awkward shape. I'm usually used to the regular lipstick shape, so I thought this might be a problem for me to apply the lipstick right. But nope I was wrong!
So to summarize: Creamy, Blue Based Red, Perfect Pin up Lipstick.
Need I say more?

Yes, because there's a little more to this lipstick than you would think. So it's cheap and quite a creamy lipstick. So with those two factors combined, I would think meh not going to last THAT long. I was so wrong. I wore this lipstick on a night out, and I was taking sips of a drink quite often. Any lipstick wearer knows that lipsticks will fade out pretty fast if you keep taking sips.. not this lipstick. So not only is it a said dupe for MAC Russian Red, it's long lasting and doesn't fade out. It was still creamy after 2-3 hours of wearing it and this is with me sipping at a drink. I would definitely purchase more of these, specifically Sugar Plum Fairy as its a dupe for my favourite lipstick of all time, MAC's Rebel.