Friday, January 31, 2014

Be careful making wishes in the dark

Dress: H&M | Jacket: New Look | Necklace: Ebay | Scarf: Ebay
It is now officially just two weeks away from my much needed holiday. I've never really mentioned my holiday here, but it's been booked since last Summer! Honestly, I'm so glad I actually went ahead and booked the holiday because now I am in desperate need of it. I've felt exhausted before, but right now I feel quite tired and just want a break.
During these past few weeks, aka months that I've been quite busy I've realized so many things. Not only about school but also about my personal life. There was a very select few of people who bothered to support me during these difficult times. The support could have been understanding that I wasn't in the mood to talk, didn't have time to talk, felt like talking about random things, realized when something was up... and just generally putting up with me. I'm extremely grateful for that and hope that I actually do return my support back to you guys and honestly thank you for everything.
Since I've been busy, my creative mind has just gone on the back burner and putting an outfit together just seemed exhausting. I wasn't enjoying it, and I certainly didn't want the outfits photographed. A few sneaky little thoughts came into my head that maybe blogging isn't for me, but I've since put them out of my head. It is definitely for me.. I enjoy writing and sharing content with people and just generally putting outfits together. I like browsing fashion way too much. I was so stressed that I couldn't even think about being creative and that is one horrible feeling.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We're dead but we pretend we're alive

Dress: Ebay | Jewellery: New Look | Shoes: Ebay
On looking back at these photos, those shoes with that dress were not a good idea. They definitely did not photograph well with that dress, but in reality they looked fine. You end up realizing a lot of things when photos are taken. That pose that looked in the mirror was not THAT attractive. I have more silly photos then serious ones. Why can't I just be normal and not act silly for the majority of my photos? Why is it that I blink as soon as the photo is taken? All true, but then you end up choosing the best of those photos and boom the post is here. I still wish I wore different shoes!
Now, onto the more serious part. I had been absent for quite a while on my blog. This is my last year before my Degree year and MCAST apparently take the opportunity to flood you with lots of work. To be fair, I did laze around quite a bit during the Christmas holidays, but so does MCAST. Why can't I take a few days off to just laze about during Christmas like my lecturers and such do? The life of a student is one of the hardest working periods of your life. Not only are you expected to go in at school and work quite a bit at school, but you are expected to go home and continue working non stop in order to keep up with your work. Breaks do not exist, and you are made to feel guilty for not working. Basically, we literally work nearly around the clock at times. And this is just Semester 1!
The day these photos were taken I had slept probably 3 hours maximum. These photos were taken on a Sunday. I woke up on Saturday at around 8:30am, started working from 9am until 4:20am in the morning. I couldn't work on Sunday, or didn't want to work on Sunday because I promised my boyfriend that I would go to his staff party event with him. So I stuck to it and actually managed to finish just in time! Was it insane? I think it was, but at the same time I'm so glad I did actually finish!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fireworks are through

For our anniversary, my boyfriend bought me 9 China Glaze polishes, which I haven't received or bought myself in roughly 2 years. I honestly missed buying nail polishes, but I got out of the habit of putting on nail polish because of work. But, slowly I'm getting back into my usual routine of having nail polish on and I am loving it. China Glaze is the ultimate nail polish brand for me personally. I get a lot of product, the colours are beautiful, and the application is perfect so I'm good. The nail polish brush is quite thin compared to most polishes, but honestly I prefer it that way because I don't want to risk painting the skin around my nails which I usually do with thicker brushes. A little embarrassing to admit, but we've all been there!
So on New Year's Eve I hadn't even started painting my nails yet, and I had started painting my nails black whilst doing the tips with China Glaze Electrify (from the Hunger Games collection...aka too excited for words), but then I didn't end up liking what I was doing so I changed it up to blue. And this is the result.
China Glaze - Scandalous Shenanigans
China Glaze - Make a Spectacle

So first let's talk about Scandalous Shenanigans. I have A LOT of blues in my collection, but none come even close to this colour. It is such a mesmerizing colour and I don't even know how to begin to describe it. I actually ended up asking my boyfriend how he would describe this colour, and he said luminous blue. And it's true, it is a luminous blue.. it's absolutely gorgeous. All I needed was 1 coat in order to have full opacity and that is what is swatched here. Just the one coat. Look at that coverage!

Make a Spectacle is a glitter nail polish filled with different sized glitters. I felt like I needed two coats to make it look the way I wanted it to, but it all depends on taste. You could probably do with the one coat, it just depends on what you like.
The nail polishes dried relatively quick, especially considering it was a bit humid the day I painted my nails. They also lasted about a week before any serious chipping occurred.
I also want to show you my Christmas Nails as I sort of forgot to take pictures of them!