Saturday, September 6, 2014

With clothes at the top of my list

As promised on my facebook page I've got a New Look haul to show you. I hadn't been liking New Look that much for probably a little over a year, so to actually find things that I really like and want to buy has been a bit surprising! New Look actually has quite a bit of nice stuff in stock in and I keep having a browse on their website to see if I can find anything new that I want!
Monochrome Diamond Stripe Short Sleeve Jumper
Black and White Stripe Wide V Neck T-Shirt
Black Short Sleeve Slouchy Pocket T-Shirt
Black Burnout Racer Front Vest
White Stripe Racer Vest
Cream Embroidered Lace Insert Shell Top
White Ethnic Bead Embellished Front Vest
I'm hoping to show the white stripe racer vest in an outfit some time very soon.. the material is insanely soft, and even though it's vest top and looks quite casual on the screen, when you wear it with, it looks pretty sleek. The embroidered lace shell top and the white ethnic embellished vest need to be adjusted big time. They're a size 8 and 10 respectively and they fit so BIG. New Look are a bit funny with their sizes, and a size 8 can fit insanely big at times. I got the size 10 because that was the smallest size in stock so I thought, might as well get it and then have it adjusted. Thank goodness for my mama!


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September 6, 2014 at 1:44 PM delete

I love everything!! great haul. love that last top the most - its gorgeous! xx

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