Thursday, September 18, 2014

The wedding bells

Dress: Love | Shoes: New Look | Earrings: New Look | Necklace: MVintage
On the 14th of August, two of Ismael's best friends got married... when you see people you actually know get married, and not some cousin that you haven't seen in god knows how long, it means a lot more. It's not just a party that you're attending, it's a ceremony celebrating their love and them as a couple. Needless to say I cried.. quite a bit.
The dress was a bit of a daring choice for me, I don't normally go out bra-less, or wear a dress with this much of a low cut, but I fell in love with it, bought it and decided to hell with it.. getting out of my comfort zone. I didn't regret it. This dress is absolutely beautiful, and photographs really well.
The only thing that I wasn't too comfortable with was my hair. Here's why. I wanted a messy french twist, with a bit of a poof and a messy front parting with a few hairs infront of my face..BUT it kind of isn't possible to do with my hair. I have A LOT of hair and it's long. So that makes it quite heavy. My hairdresser tried her best to do it the way I would have liked it, but it just isn't possible. I was pleased with it, it looked lovely and it looked quite posh, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting her to tell me that it wouldn't be possible to have it hold up, but she managed to make it hold up! Pretty damn proud of my hairdresser, let me tell you.


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That dress is awesome! you look beautiful :)