Saturday, September 27, 2014

As you want

Rimmel - As You Want Victoria
This is one of the lipsticks that I would tell myself, oh I'll buy it next time.. and then next time never comes. That is until I had to go buy myself some new nail polish bases from Rimmel, saw this lipstick and thought, you're going to be mine. This is from the moisture renew line, and I already had a lipstick from that line which is Nude Delight. The formula has supposedly changed now, so the lipsticks should be a lot more moisturizing than before. 
Before anything, let's talk about the colour. It is a gorgeous berry pink colour. It's almost red, but not quite. Just think of it as a dark berry pink colour that's slightly bright at the same time. Such a weird description, but that's the best I can describe it as!
This lipstick is RIDICULOUSLY creamy and slightly thick. It glides on very smoothly. I kind of think that it is as a plus and a minus. Plus because it definitely won't sink into the lines of your lips or any dry patches that might be there and does feel very moisturizing. Minus because you can very easily make mistakes because of its smoothness and as the day/night goes on it can go all over the place if you're not careful. Overall though, I do really like the fact that it's that creamy and actually quite hydrating. 
The pigmentation of this lipstick is unreal. Usually when you have a lipstick which is creamy, you need to go over the application again to get the full colour. Not this one. The second I swatched it on my hand, I didn't even need to go over it. That was the entire full pigmentation. It took a single swatch to get it to the full pigmentation. 
One of my main worries with this lipstick was that it would go all over the place. So I thought hmm, what if I had to dab my lips on tissue..will the colour go? So I tried it on, and I got this amazing matte lipstick. Still moisturizing, still extremely pigmented. Personally, I think that I will go for this matte look rather than the creamy look, and here's why. Because it is so creamy, there's a HUGE chance that the majority of the lipstick will not stay on your lips, but transfer everywhere else. The matte will give you the same exact colour, but with more staying power and without the risk of having your lips looking like a mess.