Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't blink

Wet n Wild - Don't Blink Pink
I've got yet another Wet n Wild review for you, last one for now promise! I say for now 'cause I have a few more on my wishlist that I will be getting at some point. Wet n Wild's Don't Blink Pink. The one I've been procrastinating to swatch and try out for some reason. But I decided to give it a try and swatched it. This colour was not exactly what I was expecting.
This colour does wash me out. It makes me look paler than I actually am. It also makes my lips look more prominent than when I am wearing red lipstick. The TRUE swatches are the close ups of the lip swatches. When I took the pictures of my entire face with it, the colour either came off warmer, or a white-ish pink so that is why I didn't post any full faced pictures this time.
The best way to describe this colour would be a Barbie Pink. It is a neon pink with a blue tone to it. It's not the colour that I would usually go for, and to be completely honest I do have mixed feelings about this. I love neon colours, but neon pink is not one of them. But this colour does actually look quite nice on me. I think it would be a good colour on all skintones, whether you're pale or dark. 
Formula wise, this was a dry lipstick. Not completely dry, but compared to the other two I've got this was a dry formula. I managed to apply it quite easily, but it made my lips feel slightly grainy. It also emphasized any line I have on my lips. It's quite matte, but not so matte that you can't rub your lips together. Compared to the other two Wet n Wild lipsticks I've got, this was also a lot more easier to apply. It has the same lip bullet shape, but because it's less creamier, it was easier to apply more accurately and quickly. If you suffer from dry lips like I do, do scrub your lips before applying this lipstick. Otherwise everyone will notice you and your flaky lips. 
Does this last long? Well it certainly stains your lips that's for sure. I'm currently constantly sneezing because of my allergies, and I managed to wipe off the lipstick, or so I thought. It left such a prominent stain on my lips, that it looked like I still had the lipstick on without any 'shine' to it. It looked the very definition of matte. 
On average, it did last about 4 hours with eating and drinking, and when it did start wearing off it left a stain, just as it did when I accidentally wiped off the lipstick. Stain wise, it lasted about another 2 hours, but it would have definitely lasted for more had I not had to go to bed!


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great honest review. Im not a huge fan of the wet n wild lipstick myself.. purely because I find them too dry which is a shame as they had so many great colours xx

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Great post,love!You have an amazing blog.Following you now via GFC,hope you'll do the same!
xoxo Antonella!