Monday, April 21, 2014

Virtue to Vice

Wet n Wild - Pride Palette
I had been wanting to try out some of the eyeshadows by Wet n Wild for a while, and by while I mean a few years. But there were always other things to buy and get that I always seemed to put them to the side. Until last Christmas that is! I got this palette as a gift from my boyfriend and I was so excited. One of the eyeshadows had chipped off and gone all over the place, but I did manage to clear that up so no biggie. The chipped off part actually looks like a heart!
So I had first tried this palette at the end of March, mainly because I was a bit scared to be disappointed by this palette. I wasn't expected to like it very much at all as I've always been mainly disappointed with blue eyeshadows. I did not expect this palette to be as pigmented as it was. I expected average pigmentation, but extremely pigmented. The proof is all in the pictures.
The shades on the left side of the palette are matte, whilst the shades on the right side of the palette are shimmery colours. I actually found the matte colours a tad bit chalky. Each eyeshadow colour also seemed to give me quite a bit of fall out, so definitely not applying this before concealer or foundation.
I have also been after dark blue eyeshadows that are very pigmented for a long time, and I found them. I did swatch the blue eyeshadows on my eyes to see if the pigmentation would transfer as well as they did on my hands, and they did.
Putting in short of whether or not you should buy this: Yes
Pigmentation: 5/5 - It is very pigmented for what it costs and for what it is.
Texture - 3/5 - It is a bit chalky for eyeshadow, but nothing you can't live with.
A good look with this would be to apply the dark blue matte eyeshadow on the outer 2/3 of your lid. Then take a blending brush and pick up the matte green eyeshadow mixed with a little bit the dark matte blue eyeshadow and apply it in your crease and above your crease. Pick up the matte white shade and blend the other edges. I think that would be an amazing look!
Let me know what Wet n Wild palettes/eyeshadows/any product whatsoever I should buy. I would really like to have more Wet n Wild products because for the three products that I have tried, I am ridiculously impressed!