Friday, March 28, 2014

Her name is Cherry

Wet n Wild Cherry Picking
Each time I try a Wet n Wild lipstick I think, I need a lot more of these in my life. The only downside to Wet n Wild lipsticks is the packaging. It is IMPOSSIBLE to open up the top the first time, and not nick the lipstick. I'm actually a fan of the packaging, it's black, I can see the colour and it's just a nice tube. I just hate opening it.
I left it on for about 5 hours, and I ate and drank with it. I drank about 4 mugs of tea and it was still there. Still full pigmented as if I had just applied it. It lasts incredibly long for a cheap lipstick. It is also quite moisturizing without having that overly glossy look. It also doesn't feather after a few hours like some lipsticks do. After removing it, I did actually have a bit of a stain left over, that didn't want to go. But by the next day it was gone.
Colour wise, the last picture, is the most accurate depiction of the colour. It's quite a blue based pink colour which is neither dark nor overly..barbie pink. It's just a lovely berry toned pink and I love it. It's the kind of colour I absolutely love and would wear over and over again.



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I really like this lipstick!