Monday, July 29, 2013

The world is quiet here

Bralet: Mum Skirt: Mum Necklace: New Look Shoes: New Look
So I've worn this skirt on its own A LOT. I've more than my fair share of pictures with it on the blog, but I've never worn it with the matching bralet. So I don't know if you remember last year Topshop had this gorgeous swan bralet and matching skirt?  Well I do because it looked amazing. So what did I do? I went out and copied it. My mum has a lot of material she bought years ago, so I was trying to decide what we could make of them. I already had the Topshop bralet & matching skirt on my wishlist, so I thought.. why not just make it ourselves? So we did and my mum did one hell of a job making it look like the Topshop one. I thought I was going to feel silly initially wearing the two together but it looked GOOD. I love it!
The bralet does fit me a little bit big, and I thought I was going to have my bra peeping out.. but I didn't. Luckyyy. It just needs some minor adjustments so it fits me nice and snug again. I haven't worn Rimmel's Apocalyptic in a while, so thought I would take it out for a spin.. as if it was a car. Right. It's such a dream to apply. If you haven't already, I got a review here for it.
Did I ever let any of you know that wisdom teeth are a pain in the backside? 'Cause if I haven't... now you know.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Watching you silently

Dress: New Look Coat: New Look Shoes: Peacocks Earrings: Ebay
This coat is my absolute favourite coat. I bought it a couple of years ago in a New Look Sale.. if I'm not mistaken it was the January Sales. I love wearing it. It's such a statement coat and it also makes me feel powerful lol! I do realize it looks like a little red riding hood coat, BUT, that adds to its amazing-ness.
I wore my hair like that a couple of weeks back for a night out, and felt amazing. My hair didn't have as many flyaways as it did this time round though. Basically, I have wavy to curly hair, which after a couple of days drops to an extremely bad hair day. My solution for those days usually involve a ponytail or a high bun. But the problem with a pony tail is that I still have a 'fringe' which I'm still outgrowing. After having a fringe for the better part of 7 years, I'm still trying to adjust my hair to its fringe-less state. This hairstyle? Amazeballs. Still have the impression that I have a fringe, but its swept into my ponytail.
This polkadot dress I have not worn since last Summer. Every time I see it in my wardrobe, I skip over it to find something else. When I was sorting out my wardrobe a couple of weeks back, I thought I would try it on again. I kept it, obviously. But in case you want to check out my blogsale, click here.
I hope you like this outfit!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everything has changed

Top: New Look Skirt: ASOS Shoes: New Look Necklace: Ebay
I honestly cannot take this heat anymore. Wearing summer clothes feels like I'm wearing Winter clothing, making me hotter than I need to be! I don't deal well with heat, it makes me feel low in energy, not wanting to eat, sleeping a lot and in an almost permanent bad mood! This week.. hottest week of the year apparently. I'm going to melt away and die! Bring on the cold.. just bring on the cold.
Right, so complaining over.. or is it! I've not done outfit of the days for a while. Its been basically a once in a while outfit. Now, I've got 4 outfits to post, including this one and take some more this week so I will try to post a few more than usual. Yay!
I have been wanting to post an outfit with this skirt for an absolute age! This skirt is a brocade skirt which I got on sale at ASOS sometime in November I think? It's definitely out of stock so can't you link you to it. It goes with so many things that I just absolutely love it! These shoes are actually a recent buy from New Look and they were on sale. As soon as I saw them, I didn't care about the price, I knew that I just wanted them. How amazing do they look? It's a combination of that cute dolly shoe and at the same time just have that bit of edginess that I absolutely love!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lay your head down and stay a while

Top: Peacocks Shorts: H&M Shoes: Peacocks Necklace: Ebay
Yesterday, I was heading off to a BBQ and if any of you have been to a BBQ you know that casual is the way to go. I don't think I've actually ever been casual on this blog really, I always try to wear heels of sorts because and dare I say it, I'm a shawty. I'm only around 5"3 - 5"4 which is pretty average, but standing next to someone who's over 6 feet tall, yeah you feel tiny.
The BBQ is at Dwejra Bay/Azure Window aka one of the locations in Game of Thrones. BOOM. Well at least for the first season since the company taking care of the beach had actually ruined it a bit. It's definitely back to normal now. That beach was actually a place that I nearly swam at every single day with my family. I've got happy memories of having the Safari floatable animal things there. I had a WHALE!! and a lilo that had a cute seal on it. Today though, I prefer a sandy beach because its easier to walk on and lie on.
Anyway, my casual as heck outfit. I absolutely love these striped shorts. High waisted, cotton, striped, pockets, striped.. what else do I want! Hope you like my outfit and let me know what you'd wear with striped shorts!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So let's get undressed

So finally I have my hands on the MUA Undress Me Too palette. I was actually trying to decide whether I should get this one first or the Undressed palette. I ended up getting this one.
This is the rumoured dupe of the Naked 2 palette and although I'd love to compare the two, I don't have any of the Naked palettes. But you know what I have? This amazing palette.
This palette has 12 neutral shades ranging from a nude eyeshadow to copper to gunmetal gray to black. Most of the shades are shimmery except for 3 of the eyeshadows aka Naked, Lavish and Corrupt. The palette is also focused on more cool toned shades which I really like since cool tones suit my complexion quite a bit.
This is the first eyeshadow palette actually, any eyeshadow I've tried from MUA and let me tell you the eyeshadows are SILKY smooth. 4 pounds this palette costs and I get eyeshadows that are not only THAT smooth, but also so pigmented. The swatches below have NO primer, applied dry and photographed in natural light. The swatches below have only ONE swipe of the eyeshadow. Not layered on, nothing.
L-R Naked, Devotion, Shy, Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal
L-R Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy, Wink, Obsessed, Corrupt
Why you should buy this palette
- Everyone and their mother is raving about this palette.
- Inexpensive, it costs 4 pounds for 12 eyeshadows! That's like 32 cents for a single eyeshadow
- Pigmented as HECK except for Lavish
- No fall out
- Soft, smooth eyeshadows except for Corrupt
- No texture or grittyness to any of the eyeshadows
- Eyeshadows last a pretty long time
- Neutral palette which can be used all day, everyday.
Get this palette you guys, just get this palette!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Twist up my lipstick

L-R: Shade 1, Shade 3, Shade 8, Shade 13
Top to Bottom: Shade 13, Shade 8, Shade 3, Shade 1
I got 4 lipsticks from MUA which honestly were the only shades that I really liked from what I've seen online. Personally, I gravitate towards the fuchsia/red colours and I tend to avoid nude/pale colours completely. The lipsticks I have only have Shade Numbers, but from Shade 14 onwards the lipsticks have names as well as shade numbers. Either way, it doesn't bother me as long as I have a way of referring to the lipstick. The lipsticks each have 3.8g worth of product in them, and have the little container thing at the end with the lipstick colour in it. They have amazing colour pay off, and honestly save for one of the shades, one swipe was all that was needed. They're also so creamy, and aren't overly shiny or anything. It's more of a semi-matte finish which I love. I tried these out, and they are amazing. They smell like vanilla which is always great since I love the smell of vanilla.
Shade 1: This is a medium dark red which is more of a berry colour. I personally think it's wearable for both day time and night time, depending on what you feel comfortable with. I also think it would look great with both dark and pale skin. It has no shimmer or glitter in it which is one of the reasons why I chose this. This bleeds mildly so it could be worn without a lip liner. It needs re-application after about 3-4 hours.
Shade 3: This has smaller packaging than the rest for some reason. You can see the size comparison packaging wise at the top of the page. It still has the same lipstick amount as the others though, just shorter packaging. It's a bright pink lipstick, that is rather sheer but buildable up to a nice shade of fuchsia pink. This should definitely be worn with a liner because a little after an hour, it had started feathering around the edges. Not a good look.
Shade 8: This, I'm sorry to say, is my least favourite shade out of the bunch. It's got gold glitter in it which was an unpleasant surprise, let me tell you. Like Shade 1 it's a medium-dark red but is at least 2 shades lighter than Shade 1. If it wasn't for the glitter, I would not complain about this colour at all. It lasts for at least 3 hours before needing re-application
Shade 13: This is a beautiful bright red with orange undertones. It's very bright, vibrant and a perfect day time pin up red. It lasts for roughly about 3-4 hours without needing re-application if you don't eat/drink that is. With drinking, it fades away mildly, but with eating well.. let's just say re apply as fast as you can. This is my favourite shade out of the bunch. So creamy, so smooth and has a semi-matte finish to it. I would definitely recommend using a lip liner with this though as it tends to bleed.
All these lipsticks are VERY pigmented and applied like an absolute dream. I would 100% recommend them, and the best thing about them is that they're so cheap, yet are actually of good quality. Packaging wise I have no complaints since it's pretty sturdy and actually looks nice.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Burning just for you

Dress: New Look Blazer: River Island Shoes: ASOS Necklace & Earrings: New Look
I feel like I haven't posted an OOTD in ages! It's Summer.. and for Malta it means try to survive from either a) burning to death or b) boiling to death. It's so hot! Gawd, I feel like I could complain about the weather all day. Give me Autumn and Winter any day! So the day these pictures, it was cold. Not freezing cold, but cold and I love was loving it. My boyfriend and I were going to have a 'celebration day' aka Valentine's Day on another day. We didn't celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day since neither of us really could, so we decided to spend it on another day when the both of us are free and could spend some time together. So we had DATE NIGHT. We went to one of my favourite restaurants where I always have the tortellini. They're so delicious and amazing I dream about them! SO GOOD. We go there each year, and I get delicious tortellini, an amazing boyfriend and the Dwejra view aka The Azure Window!
I was actually wondering what I could wear over the dress, and my mum pointed out this River Island Blazer. It's got orange from the flowers in it, and you know what? It went pretty damn well. Date night was a success night and I loved it and the man I spent it with.