Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There's something cold and blank

Blazer: River Island | Blouse: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Primark Shoes: New Look Tights: New Look Earrings: Ebay 
I wore this outfit to my boyfriend's work function. I wore the blazer the night before with a black lace skater dress, and I just couldn't resist wearing it again. I knew I wanted to wear it with my favorite skirt of all time but with what and how I didn't exactly know. Then got up in the morning and I just knew. How amazing is that. Not to mention I had to get in ready in 15 minutes because I woke up late! I am not high maintenance at all XD. I really wanted to wear a black pair of court shoes, or my Litas but we would be passing through a bit of mud to get to the farmhouse so I didn't risk it.
Ah, there was Prosecco served in champagne glasses and wine! It was a posh feeling, and there was an at home catering service as well. I was like whoa.. whoa. WHOA.
I hope you liked my outfit and the blazer! Can't wait to take more outfit pictures and starting posting regularly again!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Smoke on the water

I hope you've all had a Happy New Year :D! I have not posted in ages. I did have time to take outfit posts but my boyfriend and I like lazing about at his house rather than face the cold! Well not entirely lazing about... I was mainly working on my assignments and ignoring everyone but I need to work harder on my little niche on the internet.
Today, I've got a post about what I think is a very daring lipstick to wear. MAC Smoked Purple. It's got a matte finish, and it is a little drying. I really did not expect this as I already own one of MAC's matte lipsticks which is also my favorite lipstick ever: Rebel and that isn't drying at all.! But that aside, I never thought a lipstick could make such a statement.
Although the lip swatch shows it up more of a brown purple lipstick, it's actually more black based. I kind of like to think of as a lighter version of a permanent marker colour. Weird description, but it fits. As the lipstick is quite drying it does take a bit of a build up to cover your entire lip area. It also lasts for over 6 hours easy without it budging and that's without any lip liner.