Monday, October 28, 2013

The passing hours

Top: Shana Skirt: ASOS Cardigan: Primark Earrings: ASOS Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I have been LUSTING, and yes I mean lusting, after this cardigan ever since I saw it. I had quite the battle to get it, and I obsessed continuously about it until I received it a month later after I bought it. So let me tell you this, THIS CARDIGAN WAS WORTH IT. It is so FLUFFY and cosy, and everything a cardigan should be. I love the texture, I love the warmth, I love the shaggy look of it... wow. Obsessed. New Look have a very similar one to this in store right now, in black and a light pink. I'm really tempted by the light pink as well to be completely honest. It's coming with me to London, and it's going to see me through ANY cold Winter throws at me! Oh yeah, I'm ready for you Winter... whenever you decide to show up.
Because it's just a bit cool in the evenings, I decided that I can still wear my crop mesh top whilst I can.. although I might try wearing this top under a blouse or two. And with it comes my favourite skirt.. so whilst I'm wearing so many favourite things I might as well just throw in my favourite shoes, earrings and cardigan, right? YES. I felt amazing.