Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mighty Fine Predicament

Top: New Look Skirt: Primark
I feel like I haven't posted in quite a while, and probably I haven't but I do have my excuses! School has officially started. I'm with my friends, I've got a good timetable until now *fingers crossed*, and so far I'm quite happy with my lecturers! I've already mentioned that I hate moving back to Malta in my previous post and because of my amazingly good timetable *fingers crossed again* I'm travelling nearly every single day to Gozo. Now, some might call me crazy. Why wake up 2 hours earlier in Gozo when you could sleep those 2 hours in Malta? Why travel every single day when you could just travel once a week? Here's my answer. Gozo is my home. I miss my home. I'm quite close with my mum and I'd miss not being able to just have a mug of tea with her infront of the t.v. or just being able to talk face to face..Speaking on the phone just doesn't do it for me, especially since I hate chatting on the phone. If I take ages speaking on the phone, it's usually because I'm that lonely! I have my boyfriend here in Gozo, and in Summer we met almost every single day. It would be hard to transition to just meeting 2 days a week after nearly seeing each other every single day! Plus, I don't want to cope with that desperate feeling that I used to get in the weekend to meet up at a certain time and be together all the time so I'd make up for the time missed out during the week. I miss my Gozo bed. Maybe it's just me being fussy, or maybe it really isn't that comfortable, but sleeping in Malta means barely any sleep because that bed is just not comfortable. It's not mine. I can't snuggle down in it, like I can with my Gozo one. My Malta neighbours are all LOUD. And they bang doors, yell at each other at all hours and it just drives me insane. My Gozo bed is my bed. I also greatly miss my cat. I absolutely LOVE and adore my cat with all my heart. And with his gorgeous face, how can I not? Yes, I'll probably be the crazy cat lady when I'm older, and I'm fine with that. I'd miss my cat greatly if I had to settle in Malta. Enough reasons? I think so.
So with all that travelling, I'm significantly reducing my time online and my time to take outfit pictures sadly. With Summer over, and the sunlight decreasing, I need to be really lucky to take my outfit pictures during the week. The weekends should be good, so we'll see!


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