Sunday, October 20, 2013

In the city of pictures

Dress: H&M Shoes: New Look Bracelets: Stradivarius
First, I absolutely love this dress. It is super flattering. Second, I took the outfit pictures last Sunday, and I'm posting this a week later. Talk about not having time! Yes, school is taking over my life, but you know what's really taking over my life? Travelling. I remember telling friends of mine who were travelling daily how on earth they kept up with school stuff knowing they were wasting so much time travelling.. now I know. You just do it the second you get home, and there's no time for you to relax. Then, when the weekend comes, all you want to do is sleep. But because you're so used to getting up early, you get up early. And when night comes, because you're used to sleeping earlier, you get tired easily. Just until things settle I suppose!
Halloween is nearly here, so I'm thinking about doing some looks and posting them on here.. Just a little somethin' somethin' ya know!


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I love the dress you look amazing :)

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I absolutely love this outfit! The dress looks gorgeous on you!❤ Love the background view! Wish we were having some sort of break at Uni and school as well, or maybe if Christmas could come a little earlier this year, really need a break!:) Would love to see your Halloween posts!x