Thursday, September 12, 2013

We fought to believe the impossible

Jumpsuit: Kelly Brook for New Look Shoes: New Look Earrings: ASOS
I cannot believe for the life of me that I finally caved in and wore a jumpsuit. Yes, me in a jumpsuit. I do maxi dresses, I do maxi skirts but jumpsuits? Never. But in the past month and a half I've been beyond tempted to try and get a jumpsuit. There was one by Topshop that I fell in love with but was scared to get, and now I've found this one and I love it! It's got such a sleek look about it, and accentuates all the right points in your body.
When I tried this on I immediately thought what this needs is a pony tail, and make myself look like I mean business, lol! So that's what I did. One of my best friends and fellow blogger Martina, suggested that I wear red lipstick and to which I thought and a smokey brown eye! And it worked pretty damn well if you don't mind me saying! I absolutely love things that I could wear to work, events, going out etc and this does it for me. I can probably wear it most places that need me dressing up a bit!
I think this is the first time my local New Look has brought in the Kelly Brook range which is exciting because I do like quite a few things from Kelly Brook One thing that I love about is that it's quite a dressing up range and not really everyday stuff. You walk into a shop and spot most things that are casual and not enough dressing up things. So having this one Kelly Brook section with dressy pieces is amazing. I hope my local New Look keep bringing in Kelly Brook clothing because I am loving it!


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As I said earlier,

you looked amazing :)