Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The fading flowers

Top: Shana Skirt: Made by Mum Shoes: New Look
Visiting an old neighbour of mine who I've known ever since I was a baby, her great-grand children were over and showing me what they bought from Shana! One of them being this top that I absolutely fell in love with and had to get. Here's what I couldn't believe... it was 4.99! INSANE. So I bought 3 colours of the same top and one of them I really shouldn't have bought. Cheap price tags make you want to buy more. I'm so ashamed that I bought 3 colours of the same top because it's not something I usually do! But oh well! It is a definite dupe for Topshop which is amazing, so that's good right?
My mum made this skirt for me last year, and because it's a maxi skirt and especially because of its gorgeous pattern, I feel like I can wear it as both a skirt and a dress! I actually wore it here. This time, I wore it with a crop top, oh yeah! I'm really thankful for having such a talented mum and I really want to learn how to sew my clothes, right now I'm sticking with knitting and very nearly completing my first jumper, but more on that later on.. in some future post!
I actually can't believe my hair's this long now... I always have this thought that my hair's length is down to my waist so it's sometimes a shocker seeing it as a hell lot longer than that! It does need a trim with its shorter layers though because rather than being all nice and bouncy they're dragging themselves down with their own weight... Lord, that sounds wrong. And it's so difficult getting a bump-less smooth pony tail these days! I could actually get a perfect pony tail in seconds and now.. just can't manage! What's wrong with me!?