Monday, September 9, 2013

Cover my Eyes

Top: Miss Selfridge Trousers: ASOS Shoes: New Look Earrings: Centra Moda
I wore this outfit to view the Ta' Mena estate. All I knew about Ta' Mena is that they made this amazing home made tomato paste which is thick and jam like. It's got no preservatives, no artificial flavourings, it's all natural and delicious. What they also make is wine! Lots of it and infact I learnt quite a bit of wine, including on how to taste it properly. They use no pesticides on their trees or plants.. it's all au naturel. Very nice to know when we live in a world where all we do is eat things that have been modified or full of chemicals. It's actually a dream of mine to grow my own vegetables and some fruit!
I absolutely love these trousers, and I can wear them with a variety of tops including mint! I am not a trouser person.. even though I own at least 5 pairs.. but still! Not a trouser person, especially not in Summer. But these are so lightweight and comfortable that I can't resist not wearing them! I can see myself wearing these pants in winter with a pair of thicks tights layered underneath, LOVE. This top is what I call my moustache top. The collar is layered, and it just looks like a moustache! I actually wear this in the winter time as well with a jumper on top so the moustache collar peeps out.