Monday, August 12, 2013

The glamorous, the glamorous, glamorous

I got the Glamour Days palette, and also the Glamour Nights palette which will be reviewed in a seperate post. Now I've been using the Undressed Me Too palette from the second I got it and will continue using it because it's an excellent palette. So I was curious to see what the Glamour Days palette was going to turn out to be like.
The packaging is different from the Undressed Me Too palette. It's got black packaging like the rest of the palettes. Apparently Undressed Me Too palette was the only white packaged palette. It also has no names for the eyeshadows, just the name of the palette. It's alright for me, but it's kind of odd.

There are 12 eyeshadows in here, 3 are matte and the rest are shimmery. The main colours in the palette are neutral. So out of 12 colours, 5 eyeshadows are coloured - blues and pinks.
This palette also costs 4 pounds, just like the rest of 12 eyeshadow palettes from MUA. The eyeshadows are smooth and pigmented. The light blue eyeshadow is slightly gritty but workable. The swatches below have no primer, are applied dry and photographed in natural light as all my swatches are. Asides this, the swatches have only one swipe of the eyeshadow.
The purple eyeshadow is not very pigmented, I was expecting it to be darker. The blue on the other hand has this gritty feel, but the colour is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to use this it in a look.
The yellow based brown is lacking in pigmentation, which whilst it's a bit meh, it doesn't bother me much because the colour isn't my favourite of the bunch.
My favourite colours from this palette are definitely 2nd and 3rd colours in the top row palette. The light blue is actually one of my favourite real life colours, and the cranberry colour is something I've been looking for quite a while so pretty happy I got it in a cheap-o palette!
Why you should buy this palette
- Has enough neutrals and a good mix of colours
- Inexpensive, it only costs 4 pounds for 12 eyeshadows
- Most of the eyeshadows are pigmented
- Eyeshadows last quite a bit
- This palette can actually be used for both night and day, depending on what you like!


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amazing palette but i think that colours aren't so pigmented..
i love your blog :)