Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life's all about love and Glamour

This is my final palette from MUA, and I am definitely going to be buying more. This palette is Glamour Nights which I'm guessing is the night version of Glamour Days. The first thing I noticed about this palette is there are 6 matte shades as opposed to the other palettes whilst the rest of the eyeshadows are quite shimmery. It also has a lot more coloured eyeshadows in comparison to the Glamour Days palette.
Like the Glamour Days palette, this also does not have any names for the eyeshadows. Again, it doesn't bother me but it might bother some people. Still, not a BIG detail for this palette. The point for eyeshadows is to have long lasting power and great pigmentation. Am I right or am I right?
The swatches below have no primer, applied dry and are photographed. The eyeshadows have only one swipe of the eyeshadow. 
The white and purple-based blue[the colour right next to the white] have next to no pigmentation. The purple-based blue has actually been swiped twice in order to get a bit more pigmentation
The rest of these colours are so pigmented, it's absolutely amazing. The only problem I have is with the silver colour because it seems quite powdery. But the rest of the colours, absolutely gorgeous.
Now I love my colour eyeshadows, so I'm pretty excited to have this palette. My favourite colors are the matte, the gorgeous green shade and that gold. 
So, why should you buy this palette?
- It costs only 4 pounds
- You get 12 shades, and 10 of them are quite pigmented. 
- You get a variety of colours that can be used for smokey eyes, or just used for one colour eyeshadows
- Eyeshadows last long
- Texture of the eyeshadows is great
- Palette can be used for day and night, it just depends on the way of you're using it