Thursday, August 22, 2013

Calling out winter

Each season I become obsessed with what's going to be in for that season, and which trends I'd like to follow or buy something from. This year, everyone has been talking about tartan which is actually a print I already own and love. But, tartan's not the only thing that is in this season. Nope, I made an entire list of things which are going to be in this season.

Angora Cardigans/Jumpers
Ultimate Angora JumperAlphabet JumperAngora Jumper 
I have seen these types of cardigans/jumpers on ASOS, River Island, New Look and even on the Primark A/W Preview. Angora is going to be BIG this season. Personally, I'd go for a pale pink colour and pair it up over a tartan dress or skirt to soften the tartan's edginess. Or just wear it over a cobalt blue dress! Pale pink goes with practically most colours, so it's a good basic to have in your wardrobe. And whilst we're at it, I'm going to have that alphabet jumper because it is TOO CUTE.
I've already said Tartan's going to be HUGEEE this season, and it's all anyone can talk about when it comes to A/W. I mainly want a tartan dress and jacket of sorts. I can definitely see this with any of my Jeffrey Campbell heels! Edginess is in this season, and it comes in the form of Tartan. It doesn't NEED to be red, but in the traditional sense when I think of tartan it's got to be red.
Camis have already been a big trend for S/S and apparently they're here to stay. I've seen so many variations of camis for this season, whether it's a cami dress, patterned camis mainly in dark florals or check camis, studded camis or even sheer camis. There's so many varations, and again this is such a good basic to have in your wardrobe and you can wear it time and time again.  
Panel DressSlipper PlatformsAran Jumper
So, another thing that I always look for the coming up season is colour. What colours are going to be in? So I've been browsing around and looking about, and I've seen a lot of Black, Cobalt Blue, Grays, Burnt Orange and White.
Asides tartan, there are plenty of other prints that are going to be in this season, especially jacquard and grids. On ASOS I've mainly seen jacquard prints which I absolutely adore, but I've also seen check or grid patterened clothes.The main colour is white, and incomplete boxes outlined in black or going to be in. I really have a bit of difficulty describing this sort of print, I personally just call it the check box print.. very imaginative. I've also seen this on River Island, New Look and even on ebay from those little Chinese stores!
If any of you think, meh pencil skirts = work skirts, then you're mistaken. Either that or work skirts have taken on a new twist. Most pencil skirts I've seen for this season have a zip on the side, with a split on the same side OR a zip coming up on the side. Either way, the pencil skirts of this season have zips. And the zips are looking good! I bought that cobalt blue pencil skirt and I can't wait for it to get here!
Quilted prints have been featured A LOT. On jumpers, skirts, pants and bags. Usually this sort of print is featured on dark colours such as navy and black or on pale colours, especially on white. I love the embossed feel of this print, but the rest? Meh. This is a love/hate trend for me. It looks great, but at the same time it doesn't. But if you like it, it's definitely something worth investing in, because it can make something pop. For me that quilt bag does it!
Leather is a staple for A/W so I never expect this to go away. Leather jackets, dresses, leather accents such as collars, shorts, skirts.. you can find leather practically everywhere, as you can in most seasons. I've got a fake leather skirt which I've had for nearly 2 years now that I've worn for all seasons and still looks good. You should definitely invest in a good leather skirt, leather jacket and a pair of leather boots. I'm looking for tan riding boots which should definitely last me a good while.

On the jewellery front, I've seen a lot of gems and chains. Chain necklaces, chain bracelets, chain anklets, chain belts.. chain everything! I've already got quite a few chain jewellery, so my main aim is going towards the gems. Ah gems, so gorgeous. I've seen a lot of emerald greens, white, pinks and light coloured blues. And quite statement looking to!
So after all that, what am I going to get? Oh, a little bit of everything. I always try to re-wear things from previous seasons as much as I can, but I do like a little bit of everything from the new season. Especially  the pencil skirts, tartan and camis!


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I too love pencil skirts, they are classy and also make you look taller. Love the Cobalt blue one, my favourite color. :)

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