Saturday, July 27, 2013

Watching you silently

Dress: New Look Coat: New Look Shoes: Peacocks Earrings: Ebay
This coat is my absolute favourite coat. I bought it a couple of years ago in a New Look Sale.. if I'm not mistaken it was the January Sales. I love wearing it. It's such a statement coat and it also makes me feel powerful lol! I do realize it looks like a little red riding hood coat, BUT, that adds to its amazing-ness.
I wore my hair like that a couple of weeks back for a night out, and felt amazing. My hair didn't have as many flyaways as it did this time round though. Basically, I have wavy to curly hair, which after a couple of days drops to an extremely bad hair day. My solution for those days usually involve a ponytail or a high bun. But the problem with a pony tail is that I still have a 'fringe' which I'm still outgrowing. After having a fringe for the better part of 7 years, I'm still trying to adjust my hair to its fringe-less state. This hairstyle? Amazeballs. Still have the impression that I have a fringe, but its swept into my ponytail.
This polkadot dress I have not worn since last Summer. Every time I see it in my wardrobe, I skip over it to find something else. When I was sorting out my wardrobe a couple of weeks back, I thought I would try it on again. I kept it, obviously. But in case you want to check out my blogsale, click here.
I hope you like this outfit!


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lovely outfit, the kimono is sooo cute! xo