Saturday, June 8, 2013

I can see Good Things

So after 3 months of using the Good Things Skin Care products, I have my final thoughts.. I feel like some amazing judge right now. If you want to check out my initial thoughts review check it out here.
Firstly, before I bought these I had read in a magazine and several times online that you would be better off using products from the same brand than using a load of different products. Usually, this is because the ingredients end up complimenting each other rather than having a variety of ingredients that don't really go. I don't know how to explain it better than this.
Secondly, I've been using these every single day since March. It's now June. For me, this is a record. I don't really like skin care products except for that one or two times a week thing. I've stuck to these products like nobody's business.
So originally I bought 6 products. On a day to day basis I use 3. And once a week I use the 4th product.
Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser - This is amazing. I usually use this as soon as I wake up and right before I go to shower at night. It's creamy, and soft and just what I feel like using on my skin initially. What I like about this is that it does not leave any residue behind it. I usually just blend it in until it dissapears, but some cleansers I've used previously no matter how much I blend them into my skin.. they never go away. And it isn't because I've used too much of them either. So this is a winner for me on that part. I don't use a muslin cloth as suggested, I use my fingers because that's just the way I prefer the application.
- Does my skin look cleaner after using this? Yes.
- Does it feel a 100% cleaner after using this? No, but this might be because I like a soapy product to clean my face. This does make my skin feel a lot cleaner after using it though.
ALSO, please note this only has 1/3 of it left. A record for me since it takes me about 2 years to finish off something! 5/5 rating for this.

Deep Clean Black Head Exfoliator - I use this exactly after I have used the Creamy Cleanser. It's the soapy product I crave. It also has these micro beads in there, that I don't know if they really do much. All I care about is that it makes my skin feel CLEAN. And it does the job. But, I have noticed I'm not getting as many black heads as I used to back in the head, so maybe it is doing it's job! This also is 1/3 full! RECORD BABY.
Would I use this without the creamy cleanser? Yes. I personally prefer a soapy product to clean my skin, but I love the feeling of the creamy cleanser.
Would I use this without any moisturizer afterwards? No. Maybe it's because I have combination skin, but I do need to use moisturizer exactly after this otherwise my skin will feel dry.

Face the Day SPF15 Moisturizer - Again, like the previous two products I use this day and night. I've not found the Dream Cream moisturizer anywhere, but this does the job for me. I hate moisturizer. Why? Because EVERY single moisturizer I've used leaves some form of residue, which will not go away. It feels like I've got a layer of gloss over my face. Not this bad boy though. Whilst it does leave a bit of residue behind it, it goes away after 2-3 minutes which is acceptable! I've replaced my primer and instead apply my foundation a few minutes after I've used this because it is a dream to apply foundation on top of it! I think this is a little less than 1/2 full.

Bright Eyes Eye Cream - Meh. Meh is all I can say about this. I've just not reached for it, and only reach for it when I remember. I've not noticed it reducing my dark circles, in fact they're worse. That might be because of Spring but this has just done nothing. I can't really say much because I've not noticed anything special regarding this. Just meh. It isn't a bad product, but it's just nothing special to me.
Would I repurchase this? Don't think so..I just don't use this.

Five Minute Facial Mask - This is the last product that I've been using. I know I said I have 6 products, but the 6th product I haven't used once because I don't feel like I need it. Holy Grail Face Mask is all I can say about this. But I'll say a bit more just to you know, make this a more appropriate review! I use this once a week on a Saturday, either early in the afternoon, or when I'm getting ready to go out. I love the feeling of this, and it makes my skin feel a lot smoother.
Does it feel dry or cement like after I've removed it? Nope! It just has this nice smoothness to it. I've actually had products that did this to me, and it felt HORRIBLE to say the least. This feels lovely!
Overall, my skin has improved a lot. It feels really nice and looks it too! No spots grow on this face, except when the time of the month's coming by. That is beyond normal though. My skin doesn't feel dry, or oily or just a weird combination of patchiness. It just is normal looking, glowy and amazing. By glowy I don't mean I've got a light bulb inside me that makes my skin glow eerily.. It just looks.. radiant. That's the word I wanted to use! I might have just found what I was looking for in skincare terms!


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Great review :) I love good things skincare too, at present I am using the blemish version and my skin feels great :)