Saturday, May 18, 2013

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Playsuit: Topshop Shoes: ASOS Sunglasses: Promod
This outfit was really quite difficult to take pictures of. And it wasn't because the outfit isn't photogenic or anything of the like. It was the wind. Four different spaces and finally we found somewhere where we could decently take pictures. I had a blinding migraine by this time, which if any of you suffer from migraines, know they are just pure torture. Light and sound, no matter how mild they are hurt. But anyway, enough about that.
I've been meaning to wear this playsuit.. since what? October. It fit me too big in the waist, as most things do and then when it got adjusted, it was too cold to wear. Yesterday was perfect for it. It's cute, comfortable and its not too casual and not too dressy. Which is exactly what I felt like wearing at that particular time.  I was nice and cosy without feeling like I was dressed down. Perfect. Again, I'm wearing these wedges which are going to be my Summer staple once again. So light, comfortable and give me just the correct amount of height to kiss a certain someone. 
By night time though, I had to change out of this outfit. It was too windy. So I wore my ASOS dip hem maxi dress with my New Look denim jacket and a gold chain necklace! Went out for a pizza that I can't even spell, and it was delicious :3


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