Thursday, May 23, 2013

And it was still hot

Dress: Primark Belt: Ebay Shoes: New Look Necklace: Primark Earrings: Centro Moda
I have been meaning to wear this dress ever since I got it back in Winter. In my mind, I conjured it up with my red military-esque boots and my bowler hat. But then, the red belt that came with this dress was a total fail, as most Primark belts are. So I paired it up with my red ebay waist belt. The dress looked a lot dressier.  Then put on my chain necklace. Again, even more dressier. Hmm, let me pair up my gold feather earrings I've not worn in a while. Hair's not looking too good today.. let me put it up in a pony tail. And the image that I conjured in my head when I would wear this dress, faded away. Not that I can't in the nearby future, but you know. Disrupted my plans!
What I do know is that I love this dress. It's striped, it's a skater dress, right length, medium neck line, super flattering and the material is nice. But, what I mostly love about is that it can be dressed up and down! Lovely.
Er, what else. Oh! The weather. People who talk about the weather are usually boring I know.. but I do like discussing it at some random points in my life. I am not boring. Or maybe I'm denial? DO NOT KNOW. Anyway, the weather was shit. The atmospheric pressure was low, I had a migraine coming on, it was an odd feeling of being sometimes too warm and then a few minutes of a cold breeze. The weather was just odd. The lighting was odder. I couldn't even stare at the camera.. it made me squint and look demented. So that is exactly why I never look up or at the camera. Even wearing sunglasses made me squint and look odd. OH WELL.


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imma kemm inti helwa? :p haha people are going to think we are lovers :p xxx