Thursday, May 23, 2013

And it was still hot

Dress: Primark Belt: Ebay Shoes: New Look Necklace: Primark Earrings: Centro Moda
I have been meaning to wear this dress ever since I got it back in Winter. In my mind, I conjured it up with my red military-esque boots and my bowler hat. But then, the red belt that came with this dress was a total fail, as most Primark belts are. So I paired it up with my red ebay waist belt. The dress looked a lot dressier.  Then put on my chain necklace. Again, even more dressier. Hmm, let me pair up my gold feather earrings I've not worn in a while. Hair's not looking too good today.. let me put it up in a pony tail. And the image that I conjured in my head when I would wear this dress, faded away. Not that I can't in the nearby future, but you know. Disrupted my plans!
What I do know is that I love this dress. It's striped, it's a skater dress, right length, medium neck line, super flattering and the material is nice. But, what I mostly love about is that it can be dressed up and down! Lovely.
Er, what else. Oh! The weather. People who talk about the weather are usually boring I know.. but I do like discussing it at some random points in my life. I am not boring. Or maybe I'm denial? DO NOT KNOW. Anyway, the weather was shit. The atmospheric pressure was low, I had a migraine coming on, it was an odd feeling of being sometimes too warm and then a few minutes of a cold breeze. The weather was just odd. The lighting was odder. I couldn't even stare at the camera.. it made me squint and look demented. So that is exactly why I never look up or at the camera. Even wearing sunglasses made me squint and look odd. OH WELL.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Playsuit: Topshop Shoes: ASOS Sunglasses: Promod
This outfit was really quite difficult to take pictures of. And it wasn't because the outfit isn't photogenic or anything of the like. It was the wind. Four different spaces and finally we found somewhere where we could decently take pictures. I had a blinding migraine by this time, which if any of you suffer from migraines, know they are just pure torture. Light and sound, no matter how mild they are hurt. But anyway, enough about that.
I've been meaning to wear this playsuit.. since what? October. It fit me too big in the waist, as most things do and then when it got adjusted, it was too cold to wear. Yesterday was perfect for it. It's cute, comfortable and its not too casual and not too dressy. Which is exactly what I felt like wearing at that particular time.  I was nice and cosy without feeling like I was dressed down. Perfect. Again, I'm wearing these wedges which are going to be my Summer staple once again. So light, comfortable and give me just the correct amount of height to kiss a certain someone. 
By night time though, I had to change out of this outfit. It was too windy. So I wore my ASOS dip hem maxi dress with my New Look denim jacket and a gold chain necklace! Went out for a pizza that I can't even spell, and it was delicious :3

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not all those who wander are lost

Dress: Miss Selfridge Jacket: New Look Shoes: ASOS
I've been wanting this dress ever since I saw it on their website. When my local Miss Selfridge brought it in, I was ecstatic.. bit of an exaggeration right there. But what I'm trying to say is that I WANTED it! Then I saw the price tag...€65 Er, not happening. Then it went on sale for €18 which was a lot more reasonable. Went there, got it, and loved it.
I've had these shoes for I think over 2 years and I'm still loving them. I regret not getting the light pink ones, but I'm more than happy with them. I thought they were going to be really heavy and they are so LIGHT. I've been wearing them every single summer, and I'm always scared one of the straps are going to break off.. I would die.
Sunny day ended up being a bit of a windy, cold day. Not too pleased D:! So I didn't want to get out to take these pictures because all that was running through my head, amongst other things, was if I go out there.. I'm going to freeze. Went out there, took the pictures and then ran back in.
I'm trying to learn not to be scared what's in my head. When I feel like something is going wrong, I'm going to try to voice it. It's one of the most difficult things I'm going to be learning to do, but I'm going to give it a damn good shot.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm the one

Blouse: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Mum Shoes: New Look Necklace: New Look Watch: E-bay
Firstly, can I just say how much I love that necklace? It is absolutely flipping amazing, and it fits perfectly under collared shirts and stands out against neutral colours. WIN. I've already worn this skirt so many times, and I've actually featured it a couple of times on my blog. I've got a matching bralet that my mum also made, and I can't wait until the weather is stable enough so I can wear them!
Secondly, those shoes hurt like a royal bitch. I am not a fan of peep toe shoes. As gorgeous as they are, they kill my poor toes like there's no tomorrow. At first, they're like oh no you're going to be fine.. we're special. We won't hurt you. LIES!!! Still, they looked nice so I suppose I shouldn't mind!
Right now, I basically feel as if I'm loaded down with work, and the only thing I should do is work. So what do I do? Procrastinate and then panic about not working and then start doing something late at night. I never learn, do I? Oh well!
One thing I've learnt though, is learn to say yes. Even though you might feel uncomfortable about it but have a suspicion that you might actually enjoy that you've said yes to, then why not? It's something I've been trying to do quite a bit lately, and up until now I've enjoyed every single one :)