Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sammy dress review

Top: SammyDress
After debating whether or not I should order from SammyDress, I ended up placing an order. Now, I express my love for ebay quite a lot, especially because you can buy things for a whole lot cheaper on there compared to websites such as Romwe, who also stock some 'e-bay' items. With SammyDress however, I had read a lot of bad reviews, even though it was cheap and seemed like a good website. I decided to take the risk anyway, but ordered only one thing.
I bought this gorgeous gray top with a white collar and cuff detailing, which was very similar to a topshop one I had wanted a year ago. It was on offer with free shipping and I also found a discount code on google to use. The top was originally $12.41 but I ended up paying $11.17
Now, I do realize I read quite a lot of bad reviews, and still ended up placing an order, but I placed an order for one item. I don't think I was ready to take a risk with more than one item. Whilst with this particular item I have no issue, I do have a huge issue with their customer service. Yes, this is a cheap clothing website, but I still expect customer service, especially since this is a rather large website. The day I placed my order, I got an e-mail saying that when they end up shipping my item, they will e-mail me the tracking number. I never got the e-mailed with the number, and after two messages left to their customer care, I got a reply about a week and a half with the tracking number. The tracking number never worked.
I placed my order on the 31st of January, and I received my order on the 25th of February. For free shipping which is flat rate shipping, that is really fast! I have waited for items for over a month and a half at times, and then got them. So for this time round, sammy dress has a thumbs up.
Would I recommend this site to anyone? Yes. Why? Everything is very cheap or inexpensive on the website. Who doesn't like cheap things?! They also deliver your items at the end of the day, whether it is a month and a half after or before.
Would I buy from this site again? Yes, but I would keep in mind that the customer service is bad and that patience is a virtue.
In regards to the item I bought
- The quality is great.
- The size for a UK 8-10 is perfect.
- It was cheap
- Thin material
I also would like to add that is a wholesale website, which usually means they get their items from other places and then just sell them on their website. Sammydress sold this item to me brand new with tags, but the tags weren't theirs. In my case it was either Orange Fashion or Hua Mei Fashion. Not sure if it means the same thing, but either way, not a sammydress label, which to me is a good thing since they're not explicitly claiming that this stuff is theirs alone.


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