Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's fearless

ELF Lipstick - Fearless

First thought in my head as I opened the top of the lipstick was, "Talk about plastic.." Then, I decided to smell it. I hate lipsticks that smell bad.. and the lipsticks that smell like the old lipsticks, sort of like crayola type smells make me gag. This one smells like Raspberries! RASPBERIES. *SNIFF*. I honestly felt like I was getting high on a lipstick.. what with me sniffing it and all. Okay, bad joke over. But honestly the smell is a seller right there. Next, decided to swatch it and was expecting it to be a bit hard to swatch. Was it? Er, no. SO CREAMY.
- Packaging is a bit off putting.
- Shape of lipstick, also a bit off putting.
- Smell? Amazing. It smells of Raspberries. WIN!
- Lipstick is creamy and very pigmented
- Pillarbox red colour
- Fades off quite easily, so it needs re-application.
- Doesn't fade of your hand as easily, its stained my hand.
Overall feel of this product, cheap and not really worth it. It doesn't last long at all, and if I'm wearing a lipstick why should I feel like I need to constantly apply it? :/ At maximum, it MAYBE lasts a little less than an hour. And that's without you drinking anything or eating anything. Thumbs down for this one.


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That's a shame that it's not long lasting, reds like this usually stay on quite well!