Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apocalips now!

Rimmel Apocalips - Apocalyptic

When I read about these Apocalips on the blogosphere, I automatically dissed them. They looked like lipglosses, swatched they looked like a more pigmented lipgloss, and I automatically hated them. One time, I was browsing for a L.E by Catrice and went to look around at the Rimmel stand and guess what I see? Apocalips!
But, surprisingly enough I was intrigued and went to swatch the only 2 colours I was interested in. The pink one - Apocalyptic and the red one - Big Bang. Now I've only bought Apocalyptic for 5.90 from ASOS but I'm tempted to buy Big Bang now. This is from someone that's dissed them without trying them on and hated them. I'm not going to say I love them.. I mainly love their colours. But when I swatched them.. there was something about them that I liked.
- Pigmentation is EXCELLENT - One swipe on your lips without having to go over it again, and its insane.
- True colour: The colour on the applicator, is the exact colour that comes off of your lips
- The doe foot applicator with the little hole in it: One dip into the product and you can cover your whole lips with them
- They're a liquid lipstick making them easier to apply
- You can blend out the colour to be a lot less bright and in your face
- Texture is that of a lipstick, not that of a lipgloss
- Packaging is absolutely gorgeous: Ombre'd packaging and the top of the packaging is diamond-like
- Portable: It can fit in a small bag quite easily
- Cheap off of ASOS
Would  I recommend you buying these? And please remember that this is someone who initially hated them because of their lipgloss deceiving look. YES. I would recommend them! Wouldn't mind if more colours came out from this range at all. Now, I'd describe Apocalyptic as a reddish pink. It's definitely more on the red side than anything, and it is bright, and beautiful and smooth and love.



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April 13, 2013 at 12:22 PM delete

I have big bang... i love it!!!

April 13, 2013 at 5:14 PM delete

I wish they started selling these in stores in Canada

April 17, 2013 at 6:15 PM delete

Love your review! You have the most perfect lip shape too.. I love this shade. It's such a gorgeous raspberry pink xx

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