Friday, March 29, 2013

Lovers in the moonlight

Essence - Date in the Moonlight*
This I got for free way back when I went to an Essence & Catrice event. I took these pictures a while back, and forgot about them until I found them when I was clearing up pictures for my camera! OOPS. Truth be told, I've only worn this nail polish once.. not because I hate it but because I've got such a back log of nail polishes to try out and swatch for all of you, that I'm abandoning all my 100+ nail polishes in the process which is insane.
Right, so onto this nail polish. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, almost a black navy with medium-blue shimmer? Yes, please! The durability of this? Not so much. It chipped the same day I wore it, in fact, in the swatches itself you can already see it chipping away. I took the pictures the same day I applied it, but didn't take them immediately. Well that sucks. I'm either applying a too thin coat at the end of my nails, or the durability just sucks. It sounds mean, but meh, I'd rather tell it as it is.
 Essence nail polishes are basically my favourite nail polish brand with China Glaze coming a close second and Catrice a third! Those are my main nail polish brands in my collection. So me dissing an Essence nail polish is a huge thing in my books.
MAYBE, just maybe, I should've applied a top coat so it would've lasted for a longer period of time, but I didn't. So maybe it is because I didn't apply a top coat that it didn't last too long, or maybe I just applied a too thin coat, or maybe it's durability is just horrible. Three options there for you... and me.
Would I have purchased this myself? Yes. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and that is all I basically care about when I buy a new nail polish! Is it pigmented enough for my tastes? YES. 1 coat is fine with most Essence nail polishes, and it holds true with this too. I just have a habit of applying 2-3 coats. Does it last a long time? Er, no. Is it expensive? No, this is Essence we're talking about, the queen of cheap make up! Would I recommend this? Only if you like the colour!


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great shade!