Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby's on Fire

Catrice Ultimate Lip Color - Light The Fire
This particular lipstick is not for me. Sounds quite negative, but just keep reading. Whilst the lipstick is pigmented, the texture is that of a wet lipstick and to me that means that the lipstick is going to be sliding off everywhere. To add to that, this lipstick is a bit sparkly and frosty. I love my matte and creme lipsticks, but when it comes to frosts and lipsticks with glitter particles in thank you.
The colour itself isn't actually a problem for me, even though it's an orange-red which typically doesn't suit me, but this one did. I definitely think it looks good on pale and pink toned skin.
I love how the lipstick looks in the tube, especially it's shape. The shape actually enables you to apply this evenly and easily. It's just a pity it's a sparkly lipstick! Other than that, I don't really have any qualms about this. I can't tell you how long this lasts either, because I've never really worn it out. But I reckon it would last a good two or three hours without needing re application.


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It really suits you! I would use it if I were you :)

Have you tried #100 Lobster Love from their Ultimate Colour line?

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