Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine

My favourite time of the year is here! I love the Christmas season and I always have. My mum and I have a lot of little Christmas traditions that we do every year, one which includes making the mince pies together!! Christmas is just a very positive and happy time of year for me... I love all the decorations, the cold, the baking, the snuggling up, watching movies ah!
I thought I would do a different post today, and show you some of our Christmas decorations, including my favourite which is the Christmas tree that I decorate each and every year!
Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you enjoy it in your own ways, and whatever makes you happy!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I gotta reason

Jumper: Pimkie | Skirt: H&M Shoes: New Look Necklace: New Look Bracelets: Peacocks
Apologies for the lack of outfit pictures! My boyfriend is the one that usually takes my pictures and we've both been pretty busy. The only time he can take my outfit pictures is during the weekend, as I live on another island during the week. Awesome right? By the time we meet up, it's usually dark and you know the drill...
I've also been pretty busy these couple of weeks, and I have NEWS. I quit my job at McDonalds. I've been working there for 2 years and a half, and now... I no longer work there which is strange. I quit because school has always been my number 1 priority in my life. I'm studying to be a programmer, and I'd like to be a good one, not just for the sake of getting a job, but for my own personal sake. Programming can be very nice, and strangely calming but irritating at the same time. It doesn't make much sense, but trust me I know what I'm talking about. I also quit because after 2 years of living in Malta, and me only having 2 days a week for me to relax in heavenly Gozo, and not being able to see my family properly, or relax at home, not being able to just hang out with my mum, or having to meet up with my boyfriend for a couple of hours and constantly looking at the time so I wouldn't be late. Then there was the tensing up for the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve shifts... the Carnival shifts. Just a total nightmare. Don't get me wrong, I did to some extent like working there. It was a very organized place, the staff were great to be with and I always had something to do. But I missed my free time. My ability to relax, and just not do anything for the sake of not doing anything. I missed that. I missed by own personal time in Gozo, where I could just do whatever.
Right so onto the outfit. This H&M skirt is probably one of my favorite skirts in my wardrobe right now. I've got an actual black pencil skirt from ASOS, but I'd prefer to leave it for when I actually start a job as a programmer. I think I need to shorten that pencil skirt a little bit more though, I be a short person! As for that jumper, I absolutely adore it.
Also, excuse the no make up face. I barely slept, slept at le boyfriend's and couldn't be fucked to do anything else except make... Vanilla Muffins with Streusel Topping! And then we went out immediately afterwards so yeah :P. Not exactly my best look here, but I love this outfit for going out to dinner really and I would wear different shoes. Those are my school shoes, best left for school and every day things!
Hopefully will be taking a couple of outfit pictures this weekend so might have something to post next week :) Tomorrow I'm going to start Christmas Decorating with my mum!! I CAN NOT WAIT!! Mum and I look forward to this time of year and decorating is an amazing task we both take on quite willingly! Oh Christmas time, I love you!