Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something waits for you to dream again

Top: Shana | Skirt: Mum :) | Shoes: New Look | Necklace: Promod | Ear Cuff: New Look
My boyfriend and I were planning to go out, take pictures and then attend this priest's reception. Why? Because it's something different to do in our little island of Gozo. So we went. I'm not a religious person, I do believe in God, but I'm very much against any organized religion, and I'm also opposed to governments. I do see the point of them, but they don't really stick to their points, do they? I'm a rebel :G Anyhow, my mum had just finished making this skirt, and the matching bralet is still in progress. I was supposed to cut the patterns and try to make it myself, but with work and all I didn't have time and mum got on with it!
We have had this material in ages, when I scavenged around and found it. It is gorgeous, and I love it very very much. The skirt and bralet are meant to be an imitation of the Topshop Swan Skirt + Swan Bralet. It was actually windy that day, and that cool wind was such a relief compared to our never ending heat waves that actually make you feel physically sick. The white knit is a sale buy, and there is a long sleeved version from H&M that I've now decided I really really want. It is so light, comfy and adorable that I just couldn't resist! Best of all, it was only 6.99.
Also, that kind of view.. is what makes me doubt whether I'd ever get the guts to move out of Gozo forever.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cookies and Cream

Nail Polishes Used: Essence - Cookies & Cream | Essence - Black Galactic
A while ago Essence relaunched their nail polishes, replacing the 5ml Color and Go nail polishes with these new 8ml bottles. They also got rid of some of the colours (some of which I wish I had bought back ups of). I wish they hadn't replaced the small bottles with these new bottles. First reason is because the bottle is not quite neat looking and it has just a slightly odd shape. Whilst it does look a bit more fun, storage wise it's going to take up just that bit more of space. The other problem that I've got with these is the formulation. They didn't say that the formula of the nail polishes has changed, but I think it definitely has. The drying time is much longer, and they also chip much more faster than the previous bottle versions.
Having said that though, a good top coat will make these last just a few days longer, but on their own they will definitely chip within a day or two. Pigmentation for most of these new nail polishes is also quite nice, they're definitely a bit more opaque so at least there is a bit of an upside to them.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Little green, be a gypsy dancer

Twist of Lemon is a golden based yellow colour (as seen in the swatches) with a slight shimmer to it. This actually needed 3 coats to get a decent looking colour, but it still wasn't enough. The nail polish whilst nice looking is quite sheer. Having said that, it did actually last a good 5 days, regardless of how sheer the colour is!
Virgin Forest is what I like to call a bright Christmas Green. Not a color I'd wear for Summer, but it's quite a nice colour. The pigmentation is a lot better than Twist of Lemon as it only needed two coats to cover my natural nails. This also last about 5 days on my nails and this was without a top coat. You can get away with just applying a single coat of nail polish for this one, but to make it last just that bit longer I applied a second coat. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here in the garden of sin

Top: New Look | Shorts: Primark | Shoes: ASOS | Sunglasses: New Look
Firstly, I'd just like to say something awesome. The day we took these pictures... we went to feed ducks! LOL! I know it sounds childish and all, but I really wanted to go feed the ducks and watch them nom nom their life away. We saw two ducks having sex. Do you want to know how they have sex? Well apparently one drowns the other and humps away~ At the bit of lake or rather a very large pond we were at, there were guys fishing, and I wasn't entirely sure what they were doing until they caught some fish! So before I went down to feed the ducks, I stared at them like an insane woman, in case they were going to hurt them~ They stole their fish D: !LEAVE THOSE FISH FOR THE DUCKS!! And look how amazing the view is! We actually walked through that place once, and went to the edge of Gozo, with a breathless view. Someday, I want to go walking there again~ So worth the 3 hour walk
Anyhow, this outfit I had actually worn on a Saturday because I felt like something dressed down, but I ended up wearing it the next day so we could get my outfit picture taken. But then I ended up hanging around in it for ages. Nothing wrong with that.. is there? Well I don't think so anyway~
Then I went to work, burnt myself :( and then went to my boyfriend's birthday BBQ. Then on Monday we had another BBQ and I made a BBQ sauce from scratch, then used the sauce for my pulled BBQ chicken! It was so good! Then we all laid down and watched the sky listening to music. It was so relaxing and amazing.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey Soul Sister

I'd thought I'd finally do a 'review' about my current favourite palette, the limited Edition Soul Sista palette by Essence. I now have both of these palettes, which are EXTREMELY similar. They actually have just 2 or so different shades.. and the placement of the eyeshadows are different. Check it out here~

The pictures were taken before I started loving up the palette. I mean, look. Look at the colors and TELL ME, what's not to love about them?! My favourite shades are the bottom shades, especially the second and last color. I pair those two up as my go to eye-shadow look. And those two shades together actually look quite pin-up.
As you can see in the swatches, the colors are pretty shimmery. Which to a 15 year old or so girl, would probably be fine, but for someone who's going onto 20 or is not too fond of shimmer, too much shimmer is not the way to go. So what I would usually do, is blend the color out, by going over it with a blending brush, one at a time. The colors themselves are quite pigmented, so I don't really need to build the color up constantly to get some pigmentation on my lids. All of the colors are pretty wearable, including the blue ones. Just don't apply blue all over your eyes 'cause that just looks tacky.
Also, see that little sponge/brush in the palette. That brush is amazing. I use it to apply the color above my crease and into my crease. And it does it perfectly. I've not used the sponge end, just the brush. And do you want to know what the best part is? This palette cost me 3.30. How cheap is it?! And I get so much wear out of it, its insane. I should've bought a back up.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Promise me to pass the time

Dress: New Look | Blouse: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Shana | Sunglasses: New Look | Jewellery: [Earrings] New Look [Watch] E-Bay, [Bracelets] Peacocks
This is what I wore to the Essence & Catrice Blogger Event. I decided at 2am in the morning what I was going to wear, woke up my mum so she could check out if I looked alright. And then started packing my make up bag for what I was going to take with me. And choosing accessories. Not the best time to decide what to wear especially when you have to get up at 7am in the morning! Then to make it even worse, I couldn't sleep until 4 in the morning. But I still managed to get up. I wore a light dress for travelling, since I had to catch a bus to catch a ferry, and another bus to go to my flat in Malta. Then I'd shower, change, put make up on and be ready to go.
Stressful times I'm telling you. To top it all off it was BOILING hot. But I loved this outfit. It felt very me. You know how you sometimes wear clothes that feel a little like you, but then you put on some outfit that feels so much like you its insane? It makes you comfortable the way you look? This is one of them. Albeit the shoes.
I don't think you've seen me in a pair of flats before.. actually going to browse my outfits first lol. Nope, first outfit in flats was this one. I would've liked a pair of heels with these, but I was going to being doing a lot of travelling that day, and I knew I was going to get back late home, so having heels on would not have been a good idea.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bring in the new.. or should I say old?

My mum decided this Summer that I should learn how to sew. I don't even know how to sew on a button, but I'm sure if I try I could. Right? I mean how hard could it be? Usually I would just say no, and end up learning later on, but this time I said yes immediately! Why? Because my mum's got her own sewing room, and a big cupboard with lots of materials and thingie ma jingies !
I pulled some out, including a piece of red material, but she said I couldn't have that one D: BUT, these were some of the materials I was allowed to have and so THEY'RE MINE.

The floral print is going to be a maxi skirt, and if there's material left over, maybe a 'bralet' inspired crop!

The green print is going to be vintage style dress. There's two in my mind that I'm tempted by, but we'll see what mama says~

The denim material is going to be a crop tie top, fingers crossed! I'm not entirely sure if there is enough material for the one I want to do, but if there isn't I'd rather do a sleeveless top with a pointy collar! Mum's mainly going to be working on these, but whilst she's working on them, she's going to each me how to cut the material out, and how to put it together. What do you think of the materials? I can't wait until they're finished! So excited!!